need help with BBT
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want bfp! - December 8

I just started temping this month. My temps have been up for about 11dpo now, and af due in 3 days. When would I see a drop if af is coming?


KellyN - December 8

I usually see my drop about 2 days before, but many women don't see a drop until af is already arrived.


wanp bfp! - December 8

Thank you. That helps!!


Mega - December 8

When I was charting I would have a big drop the day before AF, and then the day of AF I would have yet another temp drop.


Ericka - December 8

I'm like Mega, I see a drop the day before af, but not before my coverline, and the day after it goes below my coverline.


Becky - December 8

That's how mine is too



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