Need help!!!!!
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Lani - July 16

This might seem crazy that I want to go back so far but I need to know when I concived my daughter in the hopes of getting pregnant now since I have been trying for over a year my daughter was born on May 1, 1999 and my due date was May 13, 1999 please help


Drew - July 16

If you go to, they have a conception day calculator. You can use it for past children. Good luck!


...... - July 16

there is no way to tell that now. if you are ttc now you should start charting your cycles


Lena - July 16

So many variable can influence parturition. For example, your dauughter was born 2 wks prior to her expected due date. She could just as easily been born 2 wks after the expected due date. Knowing when you ovulated would give a better estimate of when you conceived. Or better yet, measurements from an early u/s.



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