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sloopy81 - June 17

Hey everybody, my husband and I try to get pregnant for almost 1,5 years but it still didnt worked out. I dont know what to do anymore because I am getting really depressive. We have a lot of factors that increase a temporarily infertility. I took my birth control pill for almost 7 years! My husband found out his sperm count is to low. My doctor told me I dont weigh enough, but I dont think so. I am 5'5 and have 105 pounds. We tried everything, from taking pregnancy vitamins over standing on the head. My husband had to take pills too already. I think they check his hormones now! They checked me out already and everything was fine! Does anybody know what else to do? We were wondering if there is a medicament that increases the sperm count?
Thank you all!


Alissa - June 17

hello :) Have you tried Zinc? that is suppost to make is little guys stronger and more of them...there is a Womens Vitamine that you can get at GNC and I have had a women tell me that she got pregnant using it and some of her friends..I have not had time to get there yet but I'm willing to see...I also had another women tell me about this place in OH called Sunnybrooke Farm Herbs the guys name is Bill shenk and he made the pills for this reason and to help women with menapause and to balance hormones ex..she said she and a bunch of women have gotten pregnant with it, her name is dawn on here...good luck



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