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msajai_daniels - November 17

I'm ttc and i seem to be having problems. I was on depo vera off and on for 3 years. My last shot was last year sometime. Since then i have gotten my period back as of last month.

I had unprotected sex 5 days after my period. My period was due Nov 4th. Its now Nov 17th and i haven't had a period. I'm having symptoms, always tired, always hungry, and cramping that feels like my period is trying to come but won't. I spotted for one day and then it went away. Tender breast, headaches, the whole nine.

2 hpt came back neg. The doctor told me it still may be too early to tell and come back next week if i still hadn't gotten a period. Could this still be depo messing with my body, or if i wait will i find out that i am actually pregnant. Someone help. Not knowing whats going on is driving me crazy!


tonyaandjoe - November 17

i think you could be prego and it could be just too early to tell i would test at the end of next week.



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