need friends.. new to this whole process
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nellie05 - May 15

hi... i'm hoping there might be someone out there who can help me thru this process. i have pcos. i was on prometrium for 10 days and have just began bleeding. i'm nervous, scared, excited, worried and just at a loss of what i should be doing or not doing. clomid is suppose to start on my 2nd cycle of prometrium. i've read up on everything, i just don't have anyone to talk to other than my husband.


kelley32 - May 15

Sorry, I don't know too much about fertility meds, but there are lots of women here who do. I wish you the best of luck and tons of babydust!!


scoutsout - May 16

Nellie-I am also new to this forum and newly diagnosed with PCOS (found out in March). My doctor prescribed Provera to bring on my period and I had never been so excited to start in my life :) Are you taking metaforum(glucophage)-to help regulate insulin? There is still alot I don't know and I am like you nervous. I don't know that outside of taking our medication there is much we can do. I know watching your diet and exercising will help your body with the insulin regulation. What cycle day do you start clomid? Do you take it the whole month? I hope we can learn more from each other and on this forum!


kotkot005 - May 16

ok girls .. i have been trying to concieve for 21 months now .. after three months of marriage i went for a regular checkup to the doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS although i used to have a regular clocktime period i am slim and i donot suffer extra haip problem.. he was chocked and so i am .. i couldnt bewar it .. just imagining that there is something wrong with my body although all the indicators show that iam functioning well but i wasnt ... then i have been on clomid 100mg for two months .. it was successful to induce ovulation but no luck with getting pregnant.. they then did the hsg and found out that both of my tubes are blocked.. the procedure did clear my tubes .. so i was put on clomid again.. i fall pregnant right away .. miscarried at 6weeks. well since last june i have been trying with clomid and metformin(recently) and with no luck... if you need anyother help or answers for your questions let's start. i am here to share you my experiance


scoutsout - May 16

What does HSG stand for? Is that part of the fertility testing? How long after being on Clomid did you test? My doctor recommends that if after 6 months we are p/g then do the fertility testing. I'm just not sure that PCOS is all that is going on and wondering if I should start testing sooner. Thanks for your help!


crystal74 - May 16

Hysterosalpingogram is HSG it is the dye test. the put a catheder up into your cervix or uterus and push this dye through your tubes. then take x-rays of it to show if your tubes are blocked or not. i had it done in december 05. luckily my tubes aren't blocked but i still don't have an answer to why i am not pregnant yet


2blessed - May 17

Hello, nellie05, im on cylce day 5 and i just started my clomid. My doctor started me on 100mg for days 5-9 and im a little scared myself, today was ok, but i was a little dizzy and hot. but im so ready for a baby, i can deal with it. So what is prometrium?


slowpoke01 - May 24

my dr did all the testing such as hsg dye test, progesterone level, before he put me on clomid as a matter of fact i start the first round of clomid next month and i go in for iui next month this has been a pretty fast process for me because i did all the testing this month and start the other next month so i would suggest having the tests done although the hsg is about 1000.00 if you dont have insurance or if your insurance doesnt cover it i dont have insurance so i have had to pay for all the testing myself so good luck to you all also they say that alot of women get pregnant right after they have the hsg dye test because it clears the tubes out



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