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Charli - April 5

Hi, I just need some feedback from others who may have experienced the same thing. I had a pap smear today and was told that I have an enlarged uterus and that it may be a cyst and I have to go for an unltrasound in May. She mentioned PCOS, but I don't have a lot of the symptoms for that, so now I'm driving myself crazy thinking about cancer and all kinds of things. I'm 38 and I have never been able to conceive. There hasn't been any explanation for that either....I have been married for 20 years. Thanks for listening.


Cutie - April 6

Hi Charli, Its hard to say what it could be, my doctor did tons of tests and all come out okay, and I am dying from pain. The doc. said they can not find out whats wrong. However my uterus in not inlarged, only the linning of the uterus is thickened. I am going to have another US and then if its still the same, I will probably go in for a D&C. Do you experience any pain? Did they do any other tests? Why do you have to wait till May for the US? Maybe you can ask them to schedule it sooner. Sorry sweety, I dont know much about PCOS, maybe someone else will be a little more helpful than I am. GOD BLESS


Charli - April 6

Thanks Cutie, I am also waiting on more tests results, and I won't get those until next week. I guess I just needed to hear from others....thanks for your reply



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