need encouragement
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shannon - April 20

hello. yesterday i was diagnosed with PCOS. have any of you had a baby, or gotten prego with this? i need your happy ending stories, as it doesnt feel very happy right now! thank you!


Heather - April 20

Shannon - I am sorry to hear about your PCOS. I don't have it myself but my gyno thought I may have for a while. After testing was done it was fine. I am ttc after a m/c myself, and I just want to wish you luck and send some baby dust your way! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~


L - April 20

Sorry Shannon! That's no fun. But there are LOADS of people here and on other boards who have PCOS and have had successful pregnancies! I would just make sure you follow your doctor's advice and keep your chin up! Question though - how did they diagnose you? Boold work?



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