Need Cycle Buddies for Early June BFP!
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Shauna - May 8

I told my DH I would wait til Wednesday...I am going CRAZY. He wants me to wait cuz I have in the past taken a test and then AF shows the next morning. I have no tests here so it is like $15 a test. If AF comes this month then I am ordering the strips so that I can do 18 for the price of 1 lol. I am a test junkie. (Hi my name is Shauna and I am addicted to peeing on sticks.) lol


tonia - May 8

Hi my name is Tonia and I am addicted top peeing on sticks too. I hide them from dh so he has no clue how much I test! Am I bad? : )


Shauna - May 8

Welcome to the Peeing On Sticks support group


Shauna - May 8

The only thing that I do that is more psychotic is that I have a book to track who is on which sites and their particulars. I am typing to you guys and making updates to my book on each of you....don't let me find out your addresses or you may see me in you hedges. lol.


tonia - May 8

Ok, I don't do that ! that is way too funny though! I have been on today, looking at the pics og pee sticks! lol! pretty interesteing to me, especially since I amgetting ready to start testing! I still think 10 dpo is too early! I think most people get +'s at af day or later!


BAF - May 8

You'll make me laugh! Hi, my name is BAF and I am addicted to peeing on sticks. I know the first step is admitting I have a problem, that's why I'm here! At least I'm not alone and have you guys for support!


BAF - May 8

Tonia, when is af not due for you?


tonia - May 8

usually arrives 14-15 friday or progesterone was higher (25.9) this cycle than it was the first cycle 14.3 (i was in whistler canada during second cycle, so didn't ge progest. tested), so who knows, that may make this cycle longer, I sure hope not! Unless im pg!


Shauna - May 8

Yah I am I have to start writing stuff down because I am so forgetful and because I am on so many threads now that I cant keep up. And not to mention the fact that the names change on the forums when they get to long. My name is Shauna and I am a forumaholic. I think I will need more than 12 steps tho. lol Baby dust and tummy rubs


KDR - May 9

Hi girls! I am on cd 29 and I really think af is coming soon! I hate this. I refuse to pee on the stick though b/c I know it'll be bfn! Here's hoping for all of us to get the bfp in JUNE!


Mandi24 - May 9

hey everone.. well i start clomid yesterday and i am taking it days 2-6 ... it was suppose to be days 3-7 ... but ended up taking it a day ealier.. so.. i am hoping and praying for a bfp around the first of june.. hope you guys dont mind if i join you...


greeneyedgemini616 - May 9

Hi Mandi24 well I started my clomid yesterday too. But I take it days 5-9. I will have my u/c on the 16th to check follicle size. Excited hopefully this month will be BFP++++++++


katie_b - May 9

hi everyone hope you are all doing okay , i couldnt stop by yesterday i have no pc at work ! baf ; i also heard bad thing about clomid and i hope i dont have to take them and also did hear goo dthing about Robitussin! yes this is my first iui we waited enough and i dont get any younger !im still waitting for af to show up so we can start the new cycle ! do you have short cycle?cant you do iui ? TONIA; you are all so funny i never got a test untill i was late , and no you are not bad maybe just a little ! ;) goo dluck to you and could please tell me about your iui ?how was doen? shauna; didnt you test yet ? good luck girl ,: KDR, greeneyedgemini616 , Mandi24 good luck to you all and hope we will all get our BFP . talk to you later , by the way where every one coming from?


BAF - May 9

Welcome KDR, Mandi & Greeney! Glad you're joining us! Katie, my cycles are never the same. The one that just ended was 31 days and one before was 28. They've been like that since I quit the Clomid. We haven't considered iui yet! Still hoping to do it on our own! I live in Texas. Hope everyone has a great day! talk to you'll later.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 9

thanks BAF and Katie_b fingers crossed that this is are month I don't want to have to start over again. I am doing IUI's so I really dread the BFN.


tonia - May 9

Good morning ladies! AND Welcome Greeneyedgemini and Mandi! Katie, my IUI was done at my dr's office. DH and I brought his sample from home (5 minutes) and they washed the sperm while my dr did an ultrasound to check my follies. Then he used a tiny catheter attached to a syringe with dh's washed sample and injected in directly into my uterus (via cervix) and we were done! He made me rest for 15 minutes afterward. No pain. Mild cramping and a tiny bit of spotting later in the day. I did have the cramping and general soreness(Ithink from the 2 BIG follicles) for a day and a half post IUI. So it is a breeze! who else will be testing for a BFP this week! : )



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