Need Cycle Buddies for Early June BFP!
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ciara - June 16

Hi BAF! i am 13dpo and tested this morning but it was BFN!!! i really got upset this morning, just had enough of monthly disappointmnets and really cried my eyes out!! just got to pull myself together for next month.


tonia - June 16

hi girls! Today is 16dpiui and no af yet. Also Cd34. I have no symptoms at all this month! No soreness in the bb's. I ALWAYS have sore bb's in my LP! The bb's are still not hurting at all. My cp is high and seems closed. No spotting. Nothing at all. so we'll se what today brings as far as af............


lalilove - June 17

Ciara ....I'm sorry to hear about your BFN...I hate it! Whatever you do...don't let this shake your faith! Just know in your heart that it will be very soon when you get that BFP!!!
Tonia....I'm praying for you too. I hope AF never shows her ugly face!! When will you test?

As for me....I'm on CD27 6 DPO... no nothing...scary! After getting two AF in one month (May) I honestly don't know what to expect anymore. urghhhh I think it's a NO GO for me this month until I get AF in order, I guess then I will know something. I'm also thinking of trying the Robi..can anyone tell me when to start?
BABY DUST & lots lots of BELLYRUBS


lalilove - June 24

Hello ladies! Where are you? BAF, slowpoke, Tonia, etc.......



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