Need an urgent reply..
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rrr - April 15

Hi.Let me explain.I am trying to concieve,the doc gave me medicines,one to take for 10 days and the other to take for 5 days from the 3rd day of my periods.I had it as said.My periods were from the 26thmarch to 4th april(I have long periods).NOw it is the 15th and from 3-4 days i am having a pain on the left side of my stomach and from yesterday my right side also.Today from the time i got up the pain is very bad.I can barely walk.What can this be.Please reply.I am tensed.Yes and i am also having heavy discharge from yesterday.


Kelly - April 15

rrr, I'm sorry but I do not know what it could be unless you are pregnant or your body is adjusting to the medication. Either way, if the pain is that intense I would contact my dr. Best wishes to you and let us know what becomes of dust!


Heather - April 15

It could be ovulation pain... Are you taking clomid??


rrr. - April 15

Thanks for responding.No i am not on clomid and i have never experienced such bad pain during ovulation.And for kelly, can i come to know if i am pregnant so soon,before 10 days of my periods.


rrr - April 15

any more response


shannon - April 15

I have bad ovulation pain but I am on clomid. I didn't have the pain before I started using clomid and my doctor has said it is because of clomid. However, my doctor told me that it the pain is too bad there my be something wrong with they way the eggs are forming on my ovaries and that she could do an ultrasound if the pain is unbearable just to see what is happening. I would suggest that you contact you doctor.


Lindsay - April 15

The pains could also be from an infection. A pelvic infection usually gives you a really heavy discharge and severe pains in the lower abdomen. I had a pelvic infection and once i was given the anitbiotics the pain left and my discharge was normal. But you do have to keep a watchful eye out for another infection one you've had one cause they can return. I'm not saying that your pain is an infection it is just a thought. You should go see your doctor he can help :) Good Luck.


Mary - April 15

My Is the pain go up your back sometimes to cause if so I think I am having the same pain my period was around the same time as yours. I don't know what the pain is but been havin foe 2 days now. I t might be ovulation.


Kelly - April 16

Your body adjusts to pregnancy different. I have heard of women having stomach aches in early pregnancy (maybe due to implantation). I do not believe a test would show so early unfortunately that is a waiting game that drives all of the ladies on this sight insane!!! lol Anyway, do not hesitate to see your dr. if the pain continues because a blood test will show pregnancy earlier and you can be checked for an infection as Lindsay responded. Best of luck sweetie...Baby Dust to ya!!!


rrr - April 16

Thanks to all of you.Its a big support.The pain is at the sides.I spoke to the doc and she said that i should come and get it checked.Will go today and will keep you all posted.But if its due to pregnancy does the pain be so severe and so early.10 days to go for my periods.


rrr - April 16

hi.I went to the doc today and she said that it was a very good ovulation.There is no infection.


Dawn - April 18

Have you taken Chlomid? If so I had really bad cramps like yours for a few days around the same period of time after I had menstruated. I actually was pregnant and I'm sure it had something to do with the fertilised egg moving down towards the uterus. The heavy discharge could be due to rising hormone levels if you do happen to be pregnant. Good Luck!



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