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autumn85 - May 9

hi i was just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to start ovulating once you go off of birth control


PoohBear - May 9

It varries. I was off bc for two months and now Im preg so for me it was right away but the only way to be sure is to start charting your bbt. That will help you determine when and if you are Oing. Hope that helps and good luck.


autumn85 - May 9

well i have heard some people say the day you get off birth control you can get pregnant and others say it is impossible for it to happen that fast. does anyone have an opinion?


KDR - May 11

i didn't ovulate until 11 months after getting off the pill- when i started clomid.


slowpoke01 - May 11

I am not sure how long it takes but you can buy the ovulation kits and use those you just do them like you would a pregnancy test and just pee on it and it will tell you 2 lines if you are ovulating they are pretty inexspensive you can even get them on ebay


autumn85 - May 11

ok thanks! i am pretty sure that i am supposed to be ovulating today! according to when i had my last period anyways



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