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jen - March 13

did anyone get pregnant right away after stopping birth control? are u more fertil?


kimberly - March 13

Heard that you are, but some women actually have trouble concieving due to the fact that when you stop taking them your body has a sudden stop of the hormones and this can mess up your cycles. But, I have a friend who is currently pregnant that was on the pill when she concieved so who knows!


June - March 14

Typically take 3-4 months to make your body ovulate again. Good luck


lea - March 14

I ovulated right away with regular cycle but still not pregnant a year + later. I have heard that the first month after you stop you are the most fertile as you tend to drop more eggs, you just have to figure out when you are ovulating. My cycle the first month was about 32 days but after that I was back to regular 26-28 day cycles.


Elisabeth - March 15

I took the pill for 5 years. I recently stopped taking it (7 months ago) and we've been trying to get pregnant. My cycles are just so irregular that I never know when I'm ovulating. I'm just waiting for my cycles to become normal.



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