Need advice plz...pressure from in-laws!
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Alley - April 1

Hello All,
I need some advice...My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years now with absolutely no luck. I'm trying very hard not to get down and depressed about it, because I think kee;ping a positive attitude can make this process a little easier. But, how can I stop all the pressure from my in-laws? I live in a different state away from my whole family, and everytime my husband and I go to a family thing (his family of course), like a get together or party, all I hear is "When are you guys gonna have a baby?" Or "You haven't had a baby yet?" One of his family members, who visits every few years came to our house, and before she left actually said "The next time I visit I wanna see you with a baby or a fat baby belly." I mean, how do I deal with this? I don't want to be rude to them, because I really love his family, but it makes me feel angry and guilty when they say these things.


COC - April 1

Hi there. It cant be easy. Try to brush them off by saying "We are having fun trying". That might leave them thinking - "God maybe they are trying so we had better leave them alone". I've used it a couple of times. Best of luck.


May - April 1

I get sooo tired of people asking that dreaded question. I have a three year old and have been trying for our second for over a year. All anyone ever says is "when are you going to get that little boy a sis or bro?". I just want to scream!!!! I just always say we are working on it. On the TTC note, have you had any tests run or taken anything. I just ordered this stuff called Ovulex that a lot of people told me about. It is this herbal supplement that helps get your body ready for preggo. May not work, but at this point I will try anything.


Jeniffer - April 1

My sister has fertility trouble and has told me it's up to me to bring the next child into the family. I haven't the heart to tell her four pregnacy scares no baby it looks like we both have fertility issues.

People ask the baby question becouse they think thats what they are supposed to do.

Hang in there only the die heard earth mothers who think people should have all thier children by the time they are thirty are being malcious and then the earth mothers belive they have a point :-)

Selective deafness can be very useful. They can't brow beat you into having a baby if your didn't hear the question.


Heather - April 1

Alley - Does his family know you've been trying? Luckily we've only gotten a little bit of preasure from dh's parents. He is an only child and they have no other family around where we live. Now that we've had a m/c EVERYONE knows we've been trying. If they don't know you have been ttc how would the preasure be if they did?


Kitten - April 1

I've been ttc for 8 months!! My lil boy always says he wants a baby girl. LOL he's 2 and has no idea what hes asking for. LOL But adults do. We decided not to tell ppl we are ttc, but yet everyone still asks. Guess they think it's about time. Even though ppl don't know they still ask. It only reminds you how hard you are trying with no luck. :( If your in-laws know maybe you should tell them how you feel, sad when they ask, and too much pressure. If they don't know, and they ask when your gonna have a baby, you can do what we do. Say I don't know. If you don't know, they can't have an answer. Sorry for your stress. We all know how you feel!!
............Baby Dust To You!!................



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