NEED ADVICE!! Also sharing info from my Dr
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Amanda - May 3

I went to the Dr yesterday. TCC for 5 months and no postive opk. My husband and I have to decide if we want to wait for the 1 year mark and then have the blood test and semen analyis or if we want to go ahead and do it now. He sd that because I was on bc pills it could take my body a year to ovulate again. My husband wants to go ahead and have it done but I just don't know. HELP


Nicola - May 3

Hi Amanda, I really don't know what to advise you. I came off the pill 4 months ago but my doctor informed me that being on the pill won't neccessarily make any difference to me ovulating and concieving (though I haven't done yet). You and your husband need to talk about this and make a decision together, I suspect he is just anxious. My husband is the same at the moment. My last pregnancy wasn't planned so my husband thought that the next pregnancy would happen over night, I think it's a macho thing!! Good luck and lots of baby dust to you! x x x


Carrie - May 3

Hi Amanda - I know people who have gotten pregnant within several months of being off the pill but also people who have had to wait for almost a year. I suppose it depends on your body. As far as your decision, it just depends on how anxious you are. I can say this - I followed doc's advice and waited for a year and now here I am TWO years later and still haven't conceived due to a problem that is not yet known (seeing specialist currently). As I look back now, I wish that I would have started looking into the issue sooner so that maybe by now we could have already been successful. But again, that all depends on how anxious you all are and how long you think you want to wait. Best of luck to you!


Amanda - May 3

thanks girls!



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