Need acupuncture stories for hope!
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Lisa - March 8

I have a friend who went through 2 rounds of invitro, gave up and did acupuncture for 6 months and is now pregnant. I since have been getting acupuncture treatments (trying to get pregnant with my 2nd for over 4 years now). I would like to know if anyone has had luck with acupuncture or does anyone know of anyone who has had luck. I would like to hear more success stories to give me hope.


jcr - March 8

I have heard plenty of success stories. I tried it for 3 months, but ran out of patience and went with fertility tx. It did have me ovulating and having periods. I have pcos. I believe if I would have stuck it out for a couple more months I would be a success story. Goodluck either way it is a nice relaxing experience.


Ann - March 8

One person I have talked to on the board got pg with acupuncture and clomid after only a short time. I am doing acupuncture now (done 3 sessions) and am about to start injectibles as well (ttc for 2 years for #1). Good luck!


Yash - March 14

Yes! I had an amazing experience with acupuncture. I have endometriosis and was trying for about 3 months, but my cramps were pretty unbearable. then, my OB told me that I would probably have to do IVF. We decided to try acupuncture first. I went for 3 months, totally changed my diet, gave up alcohol, sugar (all of the fun stuff). By the 3rd month my cramps were gone, periods were normal and I was ovulating. We started trying in the 4th month and got pregnant immediately. I am not 17 weeks and feeling great. I really beleive in it....
btw...where do you live? I saw a woman in NYC and she was amazing. Good luck!!


Laura - March 14

Hi Lisa! I think that I am the one that Ann may have been talking about and I did get pregnant from accupuncture and I also did clomid (Did robitusson and baby asprin) and I got pregnant with one try and I am 3 months along right now. I did have heartache with a miscarriage and an ectopic in the last year. I believe that it helped me and I believe it will help you!


Val - March 17

Hi Lisa- my good friend just had twins via IVF after a first unsuccessful IVF and at least a couple of unsuccesful rounds of IUI. She started acupuncture and Chinese herbs and a special diet (prescribed by her Chinese medicine doctor) a few months before the IVF and continued throughout her pregnancy in addition to heparin for a blood clotting disorder. A year ago she was feeling pretty depressed, but now has 2 healthy babies that she carried for nearly 39 weeks! I'm on my 4th month of acu and herbs and am hoping for success. I had a mc last August. Good luck to you!



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