Need a waiting buddy!! And have a questions
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Silent_Wish - April 30

Hi britiney and thanks for your still new to these posts and i 4got where i had written into im so sorry...The last time you responded to my was when i was 9 days late? now 16days late and feel like a beached whale!!! Ive been reading up on twins? It seems that excessive weight gain can be expected in the first trimster. My stomach is soooo bloated and ive never been like this b4...well only when i was preg with my other kids. Im too scared to do a test just in case its NEG again. God that "N" word has become an awful swear word to us these days. Hope everyone is well and im sorry that im forgetting where ive written lol id like to keep in touch whatever happens its so good to give and recieve support. Has anyone else experienced MY symptoms please? I have just turned 45. Love and baby dust to us all


SashaP - April 30

Hey Brit did you retest again? Maybe the neg test just weren't sensitive enough. I didn't get a real strong + until friday. I don't think I implanted until 12 dpiui I had a good temp drop that day. I bet you are pg since your almost a week late. Didn't it take you a long time before to get a + with your daughter? Talk to ya later. I hope you get your def bfp as far as I'm concerned you are. Baby dust and belly rubs....


britneyhayden - May 1

Well i keep getting faint bfps on the cheap lil dt test and i got a negative on a first respsone and ept lol so who knows im calling monday and setting up my appt. which i prob wont get in for a week or two so either i will hopefully start or thank God be preggo but i really feel like i am and i dont understand why all these test would say no and those 2 not lol makes no sense lol maybe im just not far along not enough hcg who knows im so confused but so happy for u sasha how ya feeling?? any symptoms yet?? i think the thing that hurt the most my best friend tested same day and her lines were immediate and like THERE on the test i got negative on and the dt lol i mjust like i want lines like that lol and im a 4 days ahead of her i was suppose to start the 26th and her the30th who knows!! and silent_wish its okay lol but yea it just makes u crazi test do! lol ppl who make these test makre a fortune i tell ya lol but if u havent started yet safe to say u might just get a bfp if u test good luck!!! keep us posted!!


Shauna - May 1

Hey Ladies, I am new to the lingo so bare with me. My DH and I have been TTC for 5 years and I am going to start BBT as soon as AF comes. I am not sure when I ovulate but my doctor says that I do ovulate, so thats good. I wish you all babydust and congrats SashaP and Brit. Thanks for the invite to wait with all you still TTC.


britneyhayden - May 2

Well i called and im going to the doc in wed. at 10 so keepin my figers crossed i am preggo God i hope so but i will let u all know i took another dollar tree test this morning and still faint positive lol who knows


britneyhayden - May 2

Well im totally confused girls i woke up this morning in what i think is the worst cramping and what have u pain i have ever had in my life and i made it to the bathroom and i was bleeding like no other when i get my period it usually doesnt get like heavy bleeding to the second and third day sorry if tmi but this was awful i mean BAD! and im still hurting i dont know what happened or why i got so many positives if i wasnt pregnant i think im going to call and reschedule my appt for tomorrow til next wenseday and go in and get a through check up and maybe get the ball started on getting a lil help since weve been ttc #2 for over a year now so im now more confused then ever but take care everyone and thanks so much for the help and kind words it helped alot from me goin insane the past few dfays lol


SashaP - May 3

I'm sorry Brit. Maybe you had a miscarriage. Thats to weird that you had that many + tests then started your period. Or it could have been a chemical. Hopeful the dr will have more info for you. I hope they help you figure out what you need. It sucks ttc for so long. It took me 28months before my bfp. I hate seeing it take anybody that long. I hope you feel better talk to you soon. Baby dust and belly rubs....


SashaP - May 5

How are you doing Brit? I get worried about you when you don't post! I had a close call I thought I was losing the baby. I started bleeding last night after sex and again today. I went in for a u/s and thankfully the baby is ok. I'm bleeding from my cervix. Dr said no sex for 12 weeks. I'm fine with that as long as the baby is ok. Dh is ok with it too he thought he had done it. Which he technically did. How are you feeling? Did you go to the dr's yet?


britneyhayden - May 7

Hey sasha omg im glad the baby and you are okay an i didnt know it could be dangerous the first few month i know 3 trimester id watch it lol i went into labor early because of to much sex lol and i had a really rough week but im starting to get over it and cope a lil better an yes i went to the doctor that day and i did have a miscarriage go figure huh and i was a lil down and broken hearted because my friend had found out she was preggo and shes still doing great thank GOD but you know our kids would had been really close in age and our due dates were 4 days apart it totally broke my heart but im happy for her i told her im going to have to live through her til i get my bfp lol im trying to be happy and get over it and just pray that it was meant to me an that God will bless us again when its time but its just so hard to think about and handle you know but i just knew something was wrong i did ive hung around on here and tww long enough to realize that it didnt make sense when i started getting different test results. But my doctor told me there was nothing i could had done that the baby was concieved or fertilized or whatever but didnt implant so it never would had been a viable pregnancy but it still hurts so much but were giving our self this next cycle if we dont concieve and it doesnt stick then were going to start testing and find out whats going on i just pray that we can do it on our own and the next one sticks but like i said im so glad that the babys ok did u get to hear and see its heartbeat i will never forget when i saw my daughter for the first time on ultrasound and saw her lil heart beat it truly changed my life well keep me updated sasha lol im back on the old ttc train once again


SashaP - May 8

I'm sorry about the m/c. I just had a feeling that had to be what happened. How are you doing now? My bleeding finally stopped thankfully. I didn't get to see the heartbeat it was a week to early for that. It did confirm how far along I am and you pretty much just saw a black blob with a yolk sac. But you can definately tell what it is. I've showed everybody the pictures of my little bean. I know how you feel about your friend being pg. All of my friends have had their kids. A lot of them have 2 or more. The only one that I may be pg with is my cousin she has 2 but is getting remarried and wants another. So she going to start trying again in October. I hope your doing well talk to ya later. Baby dust....



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