Need a waiting buddy!! And have a questions
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SashaP - March 24

Lilu I'm so sorry for your loss. That would be the hardest thing to go through. I have never heard of them being unexplained but I guess sometimes there is just no explaination. Well I hope you get your bfp and have a healthy baby to hold in your arms. Did you have trouble conceiving the first time? Good luck. Baby dust and belly rubs.......


Lilu - March 24

No it didnt seem that way. But I wasn't on BC for a year after we were married. But that month we tried hard we conceived. It's crazy! So... now I'm so fustrated with it taking so long. The doc said maybe my body isnt ready yet b/c almost went full-term and delivered vaginally but it doesn't know I don't have my baby. SOOO... I hope it happens soon for all of us REAL soon and we can celebrate together


britneyhayden - March 25

Omg lilu im so sorry i couldnt imagine having that happen ecspecially after going through that i will say an extra prayer for you tonight and pray that we all get our bfps this month not that far away so i guess we will all know soon. Me and my dh were joking around about how funny it be to have spent 200 dollars on a fm and preseed and end up pregnant this month out of all months but we really tried hard this month and stuck to the calendar but id rather be in the hole 200 then not be pregnant. But im wishing you all the best of luck and lilu ive been off bcp for a year also and nothing then out of the blue the 2nd month we tried hard we got pregnant wiht our daughter also just crazi but the way i look at it is everything happens for a reason and we learn from then and whenever God thinks its time to bless us again the it will happen i know i almost lost my daughter when she was born at 341/2 weeks her lungs collapsed and she was hooked up to everything under the sun and on 100% percent oxygen and al lthey talked about how was being on that much oxygen for a certain amount of time causes brain damage and all that but she came through and is okay now thanks to God so guys hold your head up ive had a miracle an i see you guys having your very own!! BABYDUST!!!!!!!!!!! 5 more days to go!


britneyhayden - March 25

Hey guys i thin im like10dpo or 11dpo considering not for sure which day i o'd on but anyways im thinking about taking a test today but kinda nervouse afraid of bfn grrr the wait sucks so much!!! good luck girls ill let you know!


SashaP - March 25

I got a bfn this morning. But it is still early. I'm trying to hold out till Monday before I take another one. I have a bad sinus infection so I feel so lousy right now. I don't have the energy to even think about taking another test right now. I'll talk to you later I've got to go take a nap. Baby dust and belly rubs......


britneyhayden - March 25

your right sasha still a lil to early i was going to take one this morning but didnt wake up that early and todays my moms b-day so im going to be kind busy plus i just have a cheap test i got for like a dollar so im going to go out and get maybe some first response or clear blue easy ones but i dont expect a bfp soon i was like a week late before i could get a bfp with my daughter but i just cant take the waiting lol


britneyhayden - March 25

Hey sasha wanna hear something crazi i was reading another post you had on anyone on femara about how you had like this cyst thing on your chin well i do too and i never break out on my chin and really havent broken out sine i was 16 lol i had cold sores all the time when i was pregnant with my daughter and was actually hoping this was a good indicator plus im having sinus issues to omg that just freaked me out when i read that its like on my right side of my chin underneath my lip a lil an has been killing me for 3 days ive put everything in the world on it even poked it and nothing but water and i have no clue where it came from lol sorry if tmi just thought id share how freaky that was when i read it


SashaP - March 26

That is weird about the cyst thing. Mine is almost dead center and I got it on friday. It's still hurts especially if I get anywhere near it. I hope it goes away soon. I'm going to my DR's tomorrow maybe she can tell me what caused it. My father thinks it's hormonal. Between that and the sinus infection I just want to crawl under a rock. Maybe it is some freakish sign of being pg. But I'm not getting my hopes up I've been getting bad af cramps on and off. But I guess I won't know for sure until either af shows or I get a bfp. Talk to ya later. Baby dust......


britneyhayden - March 26

Well mines starting to go away a lil ive had it for a week an its awful and hurts but when i was preggos with my daughter i got really bad cold sores and these kind of bumps it was unreal only time i really broke out was the first month or two i was preggo and i use skin care stuff everyday so i dunno i guess it could be hormonal also lol who knows af is suppose to be here in 3 days took a test about 8 this morning and i could had swore its like a lil bfp but i dunno or maybe im just wanting it to be and my eyes are playing tricks with me lol im going to hold off on everything and not get my hopes up and just wait til wenseday before i get another test and take it. But ive not had cramps or anything but i never really have af cramps but my boobs are swollen like ballons which is normal lol but the past 2 nights ive been waking up in hot sweats and feel like my nose is congested i think im coming down with something but i feltl ike that when i was pregnant too it was awful and i couldnt take anything!! Who knows i hope you find something out tomowwor at the doctor let me know good luck!!


britneyhayden - March 27

lilu where did you go lol have you tested yet?? i think im going to test again tomorrow just because the faint line thing is bugging me lol which it prob wont be a bfp either but i dunno going crazi!!!!


Lilu - March 27

I got my BFP!! I tested this morning b/c my tenps have been really high. I had a triphasic BBT this morning, a third thermal shift. My temps after O are usually 98.6ish and now they have been 98.83ish. I'm so excited!! Aww... so sorry sasha... I hope your symptoms are a sign! When will you test again? BRIT... CONGRATS!!! Thats is a ++++++, any faint line is a ++++!! YIPEEE


SashaP - March 27

Congrats Lilu!!!!!!! Did you make a DR's appt to confrim yet? I got a BFN this morning I also spotted a little so I think I'm out this month. Dh won't give me an answer on whether or not he'll do the IUI this month. I want to try it once and if it dosen't work then I want to take a couple of months off to lose the weight that I've gained from the Femara. I also want to regain some type of control of my life. So I hope he agrees to it. He just wants to continue what we have been doing and try the IUI in a couple of more months. He dosen't understand what all of this is doing to me. I hope everyone is doing well. Lilu how are you feeling? Brit did you test again? I hope you get a definate BFP. Baby Dust........


Lilu - March 27

Thanks so much!! I don't have any symptoms but i didnt with my first either. I got headaches and ms around 8 weeks. That's why its hard to believe it's +++. I'm sorry about your BFN. I wish you a fast cycle & lots of luck with femera. Will your insurance pay for the IUI? If not, is it real expensive? How do your temps look? Are they started to go down. I had a triphasic BBT this month, did I mention that? If I did sorry... but that was my only sign of pregnancy. Can't wait to hear if Brit tested???


SashaP - March 27

Well I just saw my Dr she still thinks there is a chance that I could be pg. I'm not holding my breath. My temp went up yesterday I forgot to take it this morning though, I was in to big of a hurry to test. She took me off Femara and is putting me back on Clomid. Dh dosen't want to try IUI for another month or so he dosen't think it natural. So we are getting along real good right now. My insurance dosen't cover IUI and it cost about $275. Gotta go I have to talk to dh without ringing his neck. Baby dust.......


Lilu - March 28

Aww... Sasha, I'm sorry about dh. They can really make you feel alot worst. It's like why do they even care, its less worked for them.. haha. I hope you do end up pregnant this cycle. When will the doc know for sure? I wish you the best.... keep us posted.


britneyhayden - March 28

Hey sasha and lilu lets see lol lilu congradulations i hope everything goes good for you and you have a healthy and happy 9 months and a beautiful baby!! Sasha if the doc still thinks you have a chance then don't give in and im sorry about dh not wanting to try it i dont know what id do if my dh said that but its understandable we were kind of scared getting pregnant again because of the money issue the time my daughter spent in nicu was outrageous when we got the bills we stopped counting at 75000 lol but hes got better insurance now so were hoping it wont be that bad and hopefully have a healthy baby well i tested this yesterday night couldnt hold it in and it was negative it looked like to me an i was so pissed lol i just threw it in the trash and went and was going to take one this morning and it was a faint positive this is killing me lol and i looked in the trash and somehow there was a line and i know that evap lines are grey or white well this sucker was red lol but not all there and im like i dont understand lol i called my mom and shes like well hunny if you are you are calm down if af doesnt come tomorrow then you probably are lol but i guess i want two DARK lines and just to be positive but i know with my daughter i was a week late before i could get a hpt to show two dark lines so no big suprise there but i already called an schedule my appt. for april 10th to confirm everything and if im not pregnant then were going to start the ball on testing and finding out whats going on and why were not but i just hope to God this is my month and it is really a bfp and not me going crazi lol but i showed the test to dh and hes like sweetie theres a fiant line and im like but it didnt show up until like 10 mins so maybe its not lol im going to wal mart today an getting one of those clear blue easy digital test that way i will no for sure no guessing game lol they have at walmart u get 2 for 10 dollars so i will for sure know tomorrow what the test says im wishing the both of you the best and in my prayers keep in touch and let me know how things are going and our kids would be due dec 6th looked it up last night lol snow babies!!! And im telling u lol the only symptom im having are my legs are killing me i have never in my life had like leg cramps ive had charlie horses when dehydrated but these arent those my legs are killing me!!! made dh massage my legs last night it was so bad. but i didnt get ms with my daughter til i was about 8 weeks also but i do see myself peeing more but i gotta go get some more test lol my dh says im a poas alochic now lol good luck and god bless girls!!!!! Let you know tomorrow!! but as of right now this morning was a faint positive too



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