Need a waiting buddy!! And have a questions
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britneyhayden - March 20

Hey everyone me and dh have been ttc really for about 3 months but have been off bc for about a year and still no good. We have a little girl and really want one more im 5dpo and ive been having like really sharp pains in my left side were my ovary is and i have no clue what it is sometimes i get like that when i ovulate but i should had ovulated around the 15th or 16th and since the 19th ive been hurting its not like cramping i have noe clue i was really hoping to get pregnant this month but who knows i did order a cbefm off ebay so hopefully it will help out for next cycle if im not pregnant now af isnt due til af so now its pretty much a waiting game but i guess im not really pregnant just kinda dont have that feeling and with the pain i dont think i am its really heart breaking but i know God will bless us when were ready it took us almost a year and half to get pregnant with our little girl and if the monitor doesnt help out in the next couple months then i probably will go get checked out again who knows but i cant help to think why id be hurting like that any suggestions?? and i just hate the waiting part so it just be nice to have someone to wait with. good luck to you all and please join in.


britneyhayden - March 20

lol i was in a hurry and messed the one sentence up lol af isnt due til the 29th sorry guys


SashaP - March 20

We are on the same cycle. I O'd a little earlier but not by much and af is due the same time. As far as the pains go I've noticed the same thing for the last 3 months which I always thought it had something to do with implantation. But my Dr told me last month it's just signs of a good ovulation. I have them again this month starting a couple a days ago. Good luck I hope we both end up pg this month. Baby dust and belly rubs....


britneyhayden - March 20

thanks so much sasha i had no clue what to think we i started having pains because i was pretty sure i ovulated on the 15th an 16th so it was kind of scary but since hearing you are experiencing the same thing makes me feel so much better i really hope it was because of that i really do and i hope the same for you please keep me updated on whats going on with you since were on the same cycle!! good luck!!


SashaP - March 21

It's funny that I never noticed the pains till the last couple of months. I most likely have always had them. But I've been on fertility drugs for 3 months so I'm more tuned into my body. Me and dh have been ttc for 27 months now. You said you've been off b/c for a year but have only been ttc for 3 months did you use anything in between or are you now just really trying? Sorry if I'm too nosy. Baby dust and belly rubs....


britneyhayden - March 21

Well as for the pains its the kind of pain i get every once in a while and my doctor told me it was from ovulating lol but it shouldnt had last 3 days you know but since your having them also it doesnt worry me to bad because i use to get cyst on my ovaries and i remember when i was younger i hurt for like a day and thought it was because of the cyst but it went away on its on my doctor told me it was normal. Well when me and my dh tried for our little girl i was young and really didnt go by you know the fertile time lol or anything like that we just had sex often without any protection but i never got pregnant an i honestly think it was because i was over stressed because i was trying so hard because the month we decided not to really think about it every month and get my heart broke and i actually started a new job i got pregnant i think because i kinda got it off my mind you know. Well after i had my daughter i knew i wanted more and you know i didnt want their ages to far apart because theres 5 1/2 years between me and my sister and it was hard so i stopped taking my brith control a long time ago it made a year in jan. But we werent really trying we were just having regular sex you know lol not really doing my fertile days and honestly when i think about i dont think we really tried but the past 2 months ive been going by a online fertilty calander an a friend of mine told me to get the clear blue easy monitor so im going to give it a go for a few months and see if it helps that way i can pinpoint when to have sex and all that but my friend also said i might have issues because most normal people who have unprotected sex over a years time should get pregnant and i know since ive had my daughter ive put on some weight and with me gettin cyst often i think it lowers my chances some but i dont know its all some confusing lol you wouldnt think making a baby would be so difficult i mean i cried every month when af shows up its so sad because i get so built up and then let down what kind of fertilty medicene have you been taking and you think its helping i know ive thought about asking the doctor but i think maybe i should give myself a few more months considering we havent tried tried lol but sasha i wish u the best of luck and please keep me updated the waiting part is the worse and im still hurting a lil today but not as bad as yesterday or the day before about how long do your pains last??


SashaP - March 21

Have you done any testing? I did the basic blood work 2 years ago. Then in about October we did my dh's SA what a thrill that was. But he is not the issue, his motility and morph. is a littly off but his count was really high so they are not too worried. I had a HSG and a sonohystogram done in December. They found debris in my tube and flushed it out so I have clear tubes now. In Jan they put me on clomid but it had way to many side affects, so they switched me to femara which is doing an excellant job. I have always O'd but they wanted to give me a better O and thicken my uterine lining. If I don't get pg this month then they want to do IUI next month. Right now I do OPK's, BBT and I have a progestrone check 8 days after I O to make sure. Are you doing OPK's? I love doing my BBT it's so intereseting to see what your body does. I'm having a thermal shift right my temp has dropped almost a full degree over the last 2 days I'm hoping it''s a implantation dip. I'm hoping it shoots way up tommorow. I'm still having the cramping I got one pain so sharp it woke me up it went away after a min but it hurt. Are you still getting them? How old is your daughter? Thats so great that you already have one. I'm sure you'll be pg with another one soon. Talk to you later baby dust and belly rubs........


britneyhayden - March 22

Thanks an no i haven't done any testing but i think maybe i need to lol it just takes so long to get into my doctor unless you are already pregnant and i havent ever done and opks but i did order the clbefm it should be here within the week so i can use next cycle if i didnt get pregnant this one which im hoping was the case but just dont have that feeling although ive been super tired and had a few headaches but i think its stress rather then symptoms i didnt even get symptoms til i was almost 6 weeks pregnant the first time really had no clue just being late. But ive not had my husband tested either but i dont think hes the problem lol i usually get cyst alot on my ovaries some times but they go away and last time i was at the doctor all was good but that was back in december i probably really need to go get checked and explain things to my doctor. But im so happy all is working out for you i didnt know have the issues women could have and why it may have been so hard to get pregnant until i came on here im keeping my fingers crossed for you sasha and keepin you in my prayers i really hope it happenes i know i keep telling myself it will happen when its meant to because it did the first time and my daughter will be 2 july 8th she was a month early an i almost lost her shes my miracle baby i had a really hard and difficult pregnancy most of it was in the hospital but i wouldnt trade a second of morning sickness or ivs for her lol it was hard work gettin pregnant and staying pregnant for me but i just love her and i want another one i always saw my self having 3 kids but i will be more then happy and greatful for the one i have. Do you have any kids?? How long have you and dh been married?? me an my dh have been married 4 years come april and i dont think i have a problem in the oing department that i know of lol but just like last month i could swore i was pregnant my af showed up when it was suppose to but it was like only a day and not even heavy at all and it was mostly spotting at first it freaked me out because af usually last 5 days and a few months after having my daughter and with coming off bc my afs would be off sometimes and late but always 5 days but the past 4 or 5 months ive been like clock work so it just didnt make sense every experience that well its been great talking to you and im hoping the best for you!! o before i forgot i still had a lil pain this morning but it was kinda off again and on again nothing major but this would make 4 days so heck if i know lol just have to find something out im thinking about just making an appointment with my doctor to find out for sure but sorry for the book lol


SashaP - March 22

It's alright I write a book sometimes too. Me and dh will be married 5 years in October. We got married really young I was only 21 I can't believe I'm going to be 26 next month. We don't have any other kids we're still trying for #1. We waited awhile to try because dh thought it would only take 1 time and that would be it. I always knew we'd have a hard time it was a gut feeling. Schedule your appt with your dr just to get your hormones checked it might just be something simple. I've gotta get ready for work I'll post later. Baby dust.....


britneyhayden - March 23

Hey thanks i called the doctors office but apparently they dont make appointments after 12 lol so i have to call back in the morning to schedule one but no more hurting so thats so great i have no clue what was up with that but my mom said she does the same thing some time so that made me feel a lil better my mom thinks me being on bc affected my hormones an all that ive been on bc since i was 16 and had my daughter at 18 and thats with trying a year so lol yea im young also know that feeling always felt like i was going to be judge for wanting a baby so early but my mom was the same age and was a great mom for me so i wanted a baby too and still want some more hopefully lol but she thinks bc affects it alot to who knows ive heard it takes a few weeks for it to get out of your system but ive been off it a while and so have you so lol it should be out by now i wish its just something simple like that i really do plus i get stressed out with work an a 2 year old and every month im kinda anxious on wether ill be pregnant or not and i think maybe i stress about it to much is another one of my problems well 6 days left til af is due same for you to right?? you have any good feelings about this month for you?? i hope so i really do it be awesome if one of us would get preggo this month wouldnt it well i gotta run take care sasha its been great talking to you where are you from?? also have you used the cbefm yet?? i ordered one and everyone says there great im just hoping it gets here before the 29th lol or i will have to wait another cycle that would suck well bye!!


SashaP - March 23

I haven't tried the cbefm. I just do opk's and bbt. I also get the progestrone check done 8 days after I O so that they can confirm it. If I'm not pg this month then we will do IUI next month. I had my best chances ever this month all my factors were different I O'd much later then usual, temp started off higher we bd the 3 most fertile days usually we only do 1 or 2. So a much higher chance but we'll see. I'll start testing in a few days. I've been starting to become very symptomatic but I don't know if it's real or I'm just coming down with something. I live in Maine how about you. You should get the book Conquering Infertility it's really good it's mainly about the mental aspect. I just finished it and have a total different look at things plus I started doing yoga and fertility yoga because of it. Gotta go talk to you later. Baby dust and belly rubs.....


Lilu - March 23

Brit & Sasha... I'm around 9dpo as well!! I will like to join this thread! I o'ed the 14th or 15th b/c my temp went by by last friday and i got my +opk on the 11th and 12th. When are you guys planning to test?


SashaP - March 23

I'm going to start testing Saturday. I went to the Dollar Tree today and bought 3 hpt's then I went to another store and bought a 3 pack of First Responce hpt's I'm a little neurotic this month. Plus I have my monthly check with my Dr on Monday and I know she'll do a test. I like going in mentally prepared for the results. So I'll test alot this month. Last month I tried to hold off as long as I could. I have no self control. Baby dust...


britneyhayden - March 24

hey lilu thanks for joining in and i have no clue about testing i think im going to give myself a while but im on the same baot as you lilu i ovulated on the 15th but i just dont have that feeling this month but who knows i hope i am lol but dont we all a friend of mine was telling me how her and her hubby had been trying for like two years and she finally got pregnant and she recommeneded me buying the cbefm so i did lol hoping it gets here before af but doesnt look promising and some stuff called preseed have you all heard of that?? she said she thinks that was what helped her the most so i bought some off ebay which also comes with 3 early hpt so if i dont start before they get here i will prob end up using those. i dont know its just so sad things like this is so hard i mean it shouldnt be you know. But i really hope one of us a bfp this month good luck girls your in my prayers!! and sasha forgot im from ky and lilu where are you from and do you have any kids?? BABYDUST!!!!!!


britneyhayden - March 24

Hey guys i just found this awesome website i dunno if you know about it or not but theres a part on there where ladies share their stories of symptoms they noticed starting from like 1dpo and one thing i noticed like around the same time we started having the sharp wierd like pains so did lal these women and they were pregnant lol kinda funny it be great if that was a symptom!! just had to share!


Lilu - March 24

Hey... guys. Sasha good luck testing this weekend!! Brit... I heard of the preeseed by never tried it. It's suppose to help with CM. Robotussin is suppose to help with CM too. The more fertile CM the longer his troops stay alive. I'm from PA and actually I have no live children. I delivery my daughter in August which was stillborn. I was 34 1/2 weeks. She was an unexplained stillbirth. No reason why she passed, we were both very healthy. SOOO... I really hope we get our BFP this month!!


SashaP - March 24

Lilu I'm so sorry for your loss. That would be the hardest thing to go through. I have never heard of them being unexplained but I guess sometimes there is just no explaination. Well I hope you get your bfp and have a healthy baby to hold in your arms. Did you have trouble conceiving the first time? Good luck. Baby dust and belly rubs.......



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