Need a 2ww buddy after IUI
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JamieLynne - March 24

Hello ladies! I just had my first IUI today and I am now on the dreaded 2ww. I am just looking for someone else out there who maybe in the same boat I am..... would like to have a buddy to wait with!!


Ann - March 24

JamieLynne, 3 of us are in the horrible 2ww now from IUIs on "Ladies who doen IUI 2" right now if you would like to wait with us. Feel free to jump in.


lilly2 - March 25

Hi, I am on waiting list too Jamie Lynne, today is day 8 post iui.It was my second iui and i allready have af symptoms.Ann do you have any symptoms of pregnancy or af? I can feel af very early and the next one should be within 4-6 days (cycles 28-30 days).Good luck to you girlls.



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