Need a 2WW Buddy
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RainbowBJW - January 27

Just started my first 2WW (insem was 01/26/07), I did Clomid days 5-9 with a shot of HCG and IUI 36 hours later. I just wanted to know if anyone else's timing was similar to mine, I was hoping for someone to talk to and pass the next 2 weeks with who knows what I'm going through. Baby dust everywhere!!!


SaintRose83 - January 27

Hey rainbow... I took clomid 50mg days 5-9. I am currently 7 DPO I believe. I think that is a little farther than you, but the wait is killing me! So I definatly know how you feel. I took a test a 5 dpo and of course it was a BFN. But now I am going to wait a little bit before I take another one. What dpo are you?


lovemy3 - January 27

Hi there, come join us on the other 2ww driving you crazy thread. I am cd3 today but we are all in different stages of our cycles and have been waiting it out togther for months, come join us and good luck!


RainbowBJW - January 28

Hey Saint...okay, learning the lingo here, what is DPO? My doc told me not to test AT ALL until 2 weeks past IUI or I would get false positive from HCG shot. I'm so new to all this, my doc (great guy) was out on a family emergency and his partner (NOT a great guy) had to do my IUI and he barely explained anything, just told me to take a preg test in 2 weeks, also told me the OPK I did was wasted and all I saw was the surge from the HCG shot. So how long have you been doing this?


mrs.sontag - January 29

Hi! I just did my first IUI on the 26th as well, and am hating this 2ww already! I took both pills and injections, followed with the HCG and IUI. I am trying to stay positive, but am overwhelmed with anxiety. How are you handling this?? At least we aren't alone... :-)


maryp - January 29

hello everyone... I did my iui on 21 Jan .. I have one more week to go... I am anxious for this week to go by...


mother2Bsoon - January 29

Hey Saint Rose, is this your first cycle of clomid? How was your experience? I will start my clomid cycle on Tuesday, so I am definitely behind everyone. However, I will keep each of you in my prayers. Many blessings and baby dust to all!


RainbowBJW - January 30

Hey mrs.sontag - Yeah the wait is driving me crazy too, especially since we have to treat our body like it might be pregnant already (ie: no motrin, no alcohol, etc.) makes you feel like it will be even worse if you suffer through an intense headache with only Tylenol and then end up not being pregnant in the first place! I know it sounds negative, but I deal with the anxiety by just planning ahead to do it all over again next month as if isn't going to work (since I've been told most times it doesn't happen the first IUI anyway) that way I'll kind of be expecting AF and will have the anticipation of next months IUI to keep my hopes up and give me something to look forward to. Another tip is to find ways of convincing yourself you wouldn't want to be preg this month anyway, like not wanting to be that late in your pregnancy in the middle of summer, not wanting your kid to be born near someone else's birthday, etc. I know it sounds silly but it helps me stay grounded so I don't start projecting due dates in my head and planning nursery themes. LOL, you know how it is!


iampg - January 30

hi rainbow - cd 11 waiting to O. i like your approach! assume the attitude of "i really don't want to get pg this cycle anyway" however, THIS month i really DO (so they're (girl twins) born in november!! 8 yrs after my second - laugh)


RainbowBJW - February 5

Well, looks like my 2WW this month will be a bust, AF is due any day now and I've been cramping like crazy!!! Have to wait till Friday to test but I know AF will be there before then. Oh well, baby born in Oct. would be too close to my niece's birthday anyway.



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