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Lucky717 - August 28

Hi Ladies - Has anyone else ever experienced pretty hardcore nausea on Clomid? This is my first cycle on 50 mg and I am on cd 21. I took it cd5-9 and think I O'ed last week. I had cramping that my Dr. suspected as ovulatory cramps. Any insight????? I am regular and get AF every 31 days. I should begin on Sept. 2 or 3. Any Insight???? Thanks and BABY DUST!!!!


mommy2josh - August 28

Hey Lucky, I had some wicked nausea on Clomid but on a higher dose. When I was on 50mg, I had no side effects at all. I am curious, If you are regular, that means that you most likely o on your own, why does your doc have you on clomid? I dont o everymonth and my cycles are anywhere between 31-50 days. Good luck.


Lucky717 - August 29

Hi Mommy2Josh - My progesterone level was 3 last month. So I did not ovulate last month at all. I just went today for my day 21 bloodwork and will get the results back Wed. I hope this is a good sign. Have you had your progesterone checked? If so what was your level at when it was checked? I just can't figure out all the nausea sat, sun and now today. I pray it's a good sign!!! BABY DUST!!!!!


Val - August 29

Hi Lucky - I'm on my 3rd clomid cycle and don't recall any nausea except one really small wave last cycle around 5dpo. I have had nausea on some BFN cycles, but also had it early on (around cd5) in the cycle where I got my BFP last year (which unfortunately ended in miscarriage). Seems odd that the clomid would cause nausea several days after you are done taking it... maybe it is hormone related and a good sign? I hope the clomid helps with ovulation. I'm doing that plus progesterone supplements this cycle as my prog was 8.8 last month. Good luck to you!


Lucky717 - August 29

Thanks Val for sharing your info. I am I just hope it's good nausea and not Clomid related. I hate the dreaded 2ww. Are you on 100 mg of Clomid? I am hoping my progesterone level is through the roof this time. Best of luck to you too girl. =)



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