nausea but negative HPT
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Lyz - May 12

we've been trying for five months now, and i feel sick at the sight or smell of food, i can hardly eat, im tired and gettin headaches and my breasts are tingly. i took a sensitive test (10mIU) yesterday and it was negative. ive already got a son (4years of trying) so i know how morning sickness feels and this is sooo like it. got a blood test tomorrow but is there anyway i could be pregnant after a negative result?


chelle - May 12

yeah it is possible, in march i had the same problem, had 1 positive test first, than my second was negative, third was positive again! But unfortuantly i miscarried at 5.5 weeks. I feel like I am pregnant again now, due for my period in 5 days! fingers crossed, we've been trying since August last year! good luck to you, let us know how it goes! :)


Lyz - May 17

doctor didnt do a test, just because mine was negative! still no period which means luteal phase is now 19 days!! still feel sick tired headachey and my left breast is tingling more than the right. dont think i'll test again tho, obviously something is not right. how did your cycle work out chelle?


Melissa - May 17

Hi Lyz. I responded to another one of your posts regarding the same issue. You may want to get checked for cysts (or hormone imbalance). You are welcome to join our other forum (Alright girls new cycle) there are 4 or 5 of us there that have been trying for a couple of months for our second. Good luck to you.


Melissa - May 17

I also wanted to mention that I get a little nausous (kind of like morning sickness) and pg symptoms with af. Have you retested?


lyz - May 19

havent re tested yet as im dreading seeing that negative. had heartburn last night for the first time since expecting first baby. it took me so long to concieve him coz i DO have an hormonal imbalance and sometime take a while to ovulate but this time i def did and bbt has been up for 22 days. is this just wishful thinking?



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