Natural Remedies to aid pregnancy
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Cee Bee - August 28

Hi everyone...I am just wondering if anyone else is seeking (or has sought out) natural remedies/herbs/naturopaths/chinese dr's etc etc in an aid to pregnant - as opposed to Assisted Conception with mainstream western technologies (or perhaps at the same time?). A friend of mine was told by her DR (OB/Gyn??) that she would never get pregnant without IVF (she had one blocked tube and one severly damaged) but she went to see a naturopath - and after a couple of months - she was pregnant. I have just started seeing a lady (not sure exaclty how to describe her) but don't have a success story - yet - I have my fingers crossed and feeling really positive about it. I am really interested to hear any other stories of pregnancy (or not)from natural remedies or alternative therapies....


Dawn - August 29

My husband and I tried for over 2 1/2 yrs. for our first. I heard about this company that formulates their own herbs. A friend of mine reccommended him. I called him told him my situation, he sent me the herbs and I was preg in 2 1/2 months. I am now on them a 2nd time ttc #2. My son will be 2 on Wed. I will be happy to share his info with you. You can email me at [email protected]. Also... several of my friends have taken them since I have and it has worked for them too.


Teena - August 29

I am not altogether anti-natural remedies... but I have recently looked into it and am a bit wary using herbs... especially when ttc. Most natural remedies are not FDA approved and have not been tested or researched. There can be some adverse side effects using these "remedies" too... and remember, if it's called a natural remedy... that doesn't mean it is natural to our bodies. If you're set on using them though, I would research it as much as you can before you actually put it into your system.


merlee - August 29

I have found the book "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis to be very informative about Traditional Chinese Medicine. It really helps you to make your own diagnosis based on several pages of questions. And gives you several treatments to choose from - herbs, acupressure, acupunture, diet. I have been following her suggestions for about 5 weeks and really feel that I have more control of my health and fertility than when following "Doctors" orders. I have found that doctors don't care what is wrong, they treat you the same as they treat every other women ttc. And they don't really communicate very well. With the "Natural" methods I feel that I am actually making a difference instead of wishing and hoping. I do not mean to knock doctors as a whole, and natural remedies will not "cure" everything. The book makes a good point, though, that the natural treatment can help the modern or Western medicine work better, while Western medicine completely shuns Eastern or Chinese medicine. So this is not meant to be a debate, I am sorry if anyone disagrees with me.This is just my opinion and my story.



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