Natural/Herbal Alternatives
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Char - May 10

My Fiance and I have been ttc for 8 months with no luck yet. I have irregular cycles and was just wondering what herbal suppliments any of you have taken with quick success with irregular cycles. I have recently begun taking raspberry tea and heard something about chasteberry, but if any of you have other suggestions - especially something that i can pick up at my local nutrition store, please let me know!! thanks!


Cutie - May 10

Hello Char, There is quite a few things you can take..... not sure what really helps, but I started taking Ovulex, it is known to regulate periods, prolong ovulation and give more chances to concieve. I cant say for sure because I just began taking it last week. Please come to our discussion at "OVULEX can fix infertility...." Lots of love and baby dust to you.


Nena - May 11

Also I've read in this site that VITEX is very good one so please read more in VITEX and OVULEX and you decide which one to take. Myself have very very irregular periods or better to say they don't come at all without tablets, but however never had a chance to try herbal remedies. Good luck to you and baby dust.



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