My story....maybe it can help you too :)
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bevly081384 - September 2

I wanted to breif you all in on my story:) I see alot of you are haveing troubles and worries.... I was there once and it can get frustrateing, I know. I was thinking maybe this could help you ladies out and hopefully help you conceive also.

Here is my story...

At 17 I was prego and had to terminate the pregnancy due to complications beyond my reach. I was devistated, and that day has been on my mind ever seince. For 3 continueing years after that, I failed to get pregnant every try me and my B/F gave it. My periods were NEVER regualr. They would show up and go away for months at a time. I was way too scarred of course to go see a doctor. I feared they would tell me I could never conceive. I ran out of hope and strarted finding advice here online. I found a thread that said if you take ALOT of FOLIC ACID and vitamin B6, it would GREATLY enhance you'r chances of falling pregnant. Again, I was skeptical because nothing else would work for me...... I went to Wal-Mart and looked to find the one vitamin with those key nutrients. I purchased the "One A Day Womans Multi Vitamins" Its orange and says right on the Box (supports a healy reproductive system). Again, I'm saying " $7.00?????? it won't work" Well, it proved me wrong....I took those vitamins every day for a month and a half as directed on the box. I took a test on tuesday and Got a BFP!!!!!! I'm fineally prego after 3 years of stress and heartache!!!!! Maybe there is nothing "Wrong" with anyone here....maybe you just need a little "help" that other fertility treatments can't give.... Just give it a shot, it may work for you, and I hope it does:) Just keep me filled in on how it works for you:) *baby dust to all*


bevly081384 - September 2

sorry if this did't help anyone :(


tynadu - September 2

bevly, thank you for your story. I do believe that women with a vitamin deficiency can have problems getting preggo. I am happy that it worked for you.


TracyR - September 2

Bevly congratualtions!!! That is great for you! I do agree with Tynadu that a vitamin deficiency can certainly cause many problems, including infertility. However to say that maybe there is nothing 'wrong' with anyone here is hurtful. I hazard to say that likely most of us here who are trying to conceive are already taking prenatal vitamins or a good multivitamin with the appropriate levels of Folic Acid etc. The inportance of Folic Acid is widely known in having a healthy baby, so I think most women are already taking it. But hopefully your story enlightens some people. I actually do diagnosed infertility problems. I have PCOS. And yes, I take extra folic acid beyond my Women's formula multi-vitamin. Many, if not, most of the women on here have significant problems TTC. I hope that you do realize that there are many factors that can cause infertility. You found your 'problem' and have fixed it. I am sure that everyone else on the site, as well as myself, are genuinely happy for you and wish you the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy. And I truly hope that we all have luck in finding our 'solutions'. Good luck to you and congratulations again.


Prisoner_of_Hope - September 2

Beautifully expressed, Tracy!

Bevly, Congratulations on your BFP! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!


bevly081384 - September 2

I didn't intend to point fingers and "hurt" people with my story. Maybe I worded it wrong and not as literate as most of you are.I was merely flustered and excited and just wanted to share my story,hopeing it would help someone out.I do realize that vitamins won't work for most people, I was just merely saying "If you haven't,why not give it a try". I wrote it this way because thats the way I PERSONALLY felt. I FELT there was something "wrong" with me not being able to conceive for 3 years. Thats whay I titled it "My Story".I'm new to all this and never thought everyone in the world takes a multi-vitamin already...Because I never did till I read about it on here. I'm not flipping out or anything......I was just a little sad reading that what I said was "hurtful"....I didn't see it as that.....But, can't fix it now that its done.Oh,thank you very much for the congrats:)


mommy2josh - September 3

Bvely, I dont think you said anything wrong, Your words did not offend me and why would they. Though I truly believe that vitamines will ot solve my problems, I am glad that they did help you. I wish you all the luck. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy. There is nothing like motherhood.


kotkot005 - September 10

well cheer up girl! ur story is really great it is nice to hear something about success over here. as mommy said i didnt feel offended too. lots of luck and guess what i will try your recepy by myself. lots of wishes


kristie h - September 11

Hi great story, i have bought vitamin B6 but like you thought it wont do anything. I have a hormone imbalance and i will deffentley give the vitamin B6 a proper go since hearing your story. I have a son already and i thought all i had to do was have sex to fall pregnant but like you found out there is more to it then that. People have to understand even though your story or condition isnt as bad as theirs you still sufford some type of infertility. We are not here to judge whos probelm is worse then others, as what you felt when you could not fall pregnat is what the next person feels who is ttc but it's just not happening for them either. Have a happy and healthy nine months, congrats!!



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