My Story...Can you Help - Ovulation Question??
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JENSDREAM - October 25

I am new here and would like to find some friends to share our struggles and encouragement!!

I am 33 and had very regular cyles for the first 3-4 years then they went haywire. My husband and I have been trying for a few years to have a baby. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes last year and put on Metformin. I hear that this drug also helps women trying to conceive. Well, my cylces are more frequent now but still across the board. I had a few tests done and found I have PCOS. My husbands sperm analysis has been above average so he has no issues.

Before on Clomid we agreed to try one more time. I am not able to accuratly time my ovulation because of these crazy cycles. But I have noticed the last few months that I get a crampy feeling about 2 weeks before the end of the cycle. I think this is when I am ovulating ...BUT is this the time to try and conceive or is it too late at the point I feel the cramps????


linds99 - October 25

Hi I have exactly what you have...PCOS, but without the insulin issues. I have found, for myself that metformin with Clomid has increased the quality of my ovulation and pushed it up in my cycle to cycle day 14 instead of 17-20. If you start taking your temps in the morning (looking for a shift) and start using an ovulation predictor kit by cycle day 10, I bet you may catch your LH surge, but you may have to use more sticks then a regular woman without PCOS who ovulates mid-cycle. However, keep in mind that sometimes these sticks don't work for us PCOSers because we have an elevated LH level throughout the duration of a you always get two darker lines. But I would try it if you don't mind spending money on a few extra ones.


JENSDREAM - October 25

Thanks for your help....I was going to use the ovulation predictor next month ..but because of the PCOS I figured it wouldn't be accurate. Do you think the cramping has anything to do with ovulation???


linds99 - October 25

It may. For myself, before I was diagnosed, I was tracking my cycles everymonth via temps and OPKs and found that I would get the surge and the temperature would go up the next day...and I would get really sharp pains on both sides (probably from all the follicles growing) the two days before the temperature rose. But you have to know, women with pcos could look like they are ovulating on paper, and blood tests, even produce good sized eggs, but some of us just don't release them. This is called luteinized unruputured follicles. This appears to occur more often for us, thus the cause for anovulation.


lovemy3 - October 25

Linds99, Just me, I think that is what is happening with me maybe. Jen, I agree with Linds99, try the OPK's, good luck


JENSDREAM - October 25 the next 2 days might be a good time.....we'll try :)


linds99 - October 25

Good luck to you. Having this PCOS thing is the worst! Be strong, it could still happen for us!


JENSDREAM - October 25 said you've had clomid......for how long??? dr'salso talked about injections....just wondering what your experiences have been



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