My OPK has been positive for 3 days- is that OK?
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lovemy3 - January 12

Hello. I got a pos. OPK on Wednesday afternoon and it is still VERY< VERY dark positive this a.m on Friday. That just seems like a long time to have a surge for. I am also late ovulating this month on CD20 instead of the typical CD18. I am on no meds, am 37 and have been ttc my 4th baby for over 1 yr now. My concern is that the hormone is surging but for some reason not releasing the egg fully and thats why it is still positive. Anyone have any insight? thanks!!


iampg - January 12

good question. have you had your fsh checked? my last fsh was 13.66 and coincidentally i think the opk sticks are somehow reflecting that. on my pack it says that perimenopausal women may not get accurate results from opks. but, it's fascinating for me so i am doing a morning progression since 5 dpo just to see what the trend is. i am 11 dpo waiting to see if there's a connection with oks and epts. did you get a thermal shift after you suspected ovulation? as long as youve been getting inseminated every other day, it's possible that you can get pg - you are still young enough. good luck with #4. I know some people might wonder why on earth we want to have MORE children ( ihave 2) but it is a very powerful urge for many women and the urge does get stronger as you near menopause if you're not on bc. around suspected O time, i am very susceptible to letting my conception guard down! all men start looking really interesting - laugh.


lovemy3 - January 12

Hi there. I haven't had my FSH checked thru a blood test. But I did buy an overthecounter urine test called "menocheck" It gives a negative or positive. Just like an ovulation test. The test line has to be the same or darker than the control line. The pack has two tests. the first came out with a faint line but still considered a negative and the second test came out with no line at all, not even faint, so defiantely a negative. I took them on CD3 and CD 4. What is a good number for FSH readings. What age are you and how long have you been trying? We have been trying 1 year. I concieved my other 3 first month without anything. Now this trouble. my youngest is 3 and I will be 38 on my birthday in may. I think its age. I have slight vaginal dryness and lighter periods but they are always between 28 and 31 days. I have noticed slight changes for about 18 months now. I haven't had any tests yet and probably shuld, I just keep thinking it will happen, but am now having doubts.


tk07 - January 12

hi ladies! what exactly does FSH do? because i had the same thing happen to me this month! it was + one afternoon and then still dark positive the next 2 mornings! i will ask my dr if i don't get pregnant this month though.
good luck!


lovemy3 - January 13

We are now at 4 days and still showing surge. Aaargh


lovemy3 - January 26

BUMP...Emilz...this is like your post as well. same brand..Answer 30 day strips.



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