my method worked
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Jamie - March 13

hi - i had been ttc for nearly 3 years. went to endless doctos and tests and procedures. Many of you probably understand the heartache and frustration that this entails. Finnally about 6 months ago i gave up on Doctors. I stoped all fertility drugs. My dh and I took a much needed "boring sex" break. for 2 months we didnt touch each other. Then 3-4 months ago we litterly had sex every day, sometimes twice a day for nearly 2 months. we had fun with it, Went out, dressed up. It was actually quite fun, and it hadnt been in years. i am now for the first time ever after years of trying 8 weeks pregnant. And our sex life and love is better than ever.
I had gotten so upset and so uptight that our "break" of sex and medicine was all we needed. I dont know if this would work for everybody, but because it did for me, and I used to come to these boards to find people who understood my pain, I thought to pass it on. OH i had been diagnosed with quite a few fertility problems, yet in the end it was letting go and relaxing and having fun again that did it... Jamie


curious - March 13

were your fertility problems male or female related?


Lilu - March 14

Congrats & great news!


Mega - March 14

Have a healthy & happy pregnancy. Congrats!


KDR - March 14

Congrats! I wish your method would work for me and the rest of us! Take care!



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