My Journal - First IVF Consultation
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Savannah - September 20

I just thought I would share my first visit with a fertility specialist today. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I requested my information and results from my gyno from over the years to take with me. I have had ENDO and do have PCOS. He sat my DH and I down and started taking down notes. He asked questions from how long we have been trying to how tall and how much we weight. He told me that I was 10kgs overweight and that I must bring my weight down ( when we first started trying 4 years ago I was at 2kgs overweight to now 10kgs over the years). He looked at my DH sperm test which was done about a year ago and was not to happy with it ( my gyno said he was average with nothing to worry about!?!?!). He told us we can always fix sperm but if my eggs are not right we will be having problems. He took my blood to see how my hormones are and to have another blood test on the 3rd day of my cycle to check my insulin. He also took DHs blood and made him have another sperm test. In 3 weeks we are to go back and see him and he will set us up with a program. He advised I might have to go on Metiform to lower my insulin, and then we will look into to taking on the next procedure which is IVF. He wants me to write down everything I eat and to give it to him on the next visit. I told him the last few months I have gone from eating bread everyday to once a week, cut out all takeaway foods, gone from full cream milk to soy. I go to the gym 3 days a week but the weight is not shifting. The only thing I'm guilty off is not eating breakfast. After being with him for over an hour, I felt extremely drained thinking he would send my away for 6 months to lose the weight and then come back and see him. That was not the case. He said that if I don't keep my insulin down I could pass it on to my children which in turn they can become overweight in their lives which scared me to death! I do not want my future kids especially if I have a daughter to go through what I have over the years!! He also said that woman should be seeing a fertility specialist if they have not fallen pregnant after 6 months. It used to be you should see a gyno after 1 year of trying, not anymore. So I strongly recommend anyone who is having problems falling pregnant to see a fertility specialist. If I had known this 3 years ago I wouldn't be where I am today! Anyway, I wasn't sure what to expect from my first visit, I found the whole experience a eye opener and full on and I came home very emotional. I guess having broken promises in the past has lead me to feel like I can't take another door slam in the face. This is the next journey in our lives of becoming parents (fingers crossed), and thought I would share it with you.


me too - September 20

Thanks for sharing. It was weird becuase I was just going to post that I will be going to a RE/Fert. Specialist in October and didn't know what to ask or expect when I went there. Where are you from? Any other advice? Thanks!



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