My husband doesn't want second child, but I do.
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echo - March 6

We have a 4-year old boy. Right after he was born, my husband had depression. There were three years no sex because the medication he was taking. Finally, last year, he was back to normal and we resumed sex again and decided having another child. But we tried a year, no success. I know my bio clock is ticking, i am 37. Now my husband changed his mind and doesn't want anymore. I terribly want it and our marriage is in rock. Please help.


Ann - March 6

echo, that is a really tough situation. I am glad your dh worked through his depression. Have you gone to counseling for this? It sounds like you guys both need to get everything out on the table and discuss the reasons for having (and not having) another child. I think that can be easier when you have a set time to talk and a mediator who can ask the right questions to help you figure out what is going on. It sounds like you have been through a lot, and I hope things get better for you! Gook luck.


... - March 6

i'm not trying to be mean, but you said your relationship is on the rocks and babies dont fix marriage problems. that's like Britney Spears saying she wanted another baby because her and her husband are having problems...babies dont fix the problem-therapy and counselling does. if you and your husband are having problems (especially since you said your husband suffered from depression) then you should go talk to a marriage counselor and find out the problem before bringing a baby into the mix. hope you work things out.



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