My husband cannot stay erected.
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AmAu - April 12

This is very frustrating and embarrasing. I cannot ask anyone I know about this problem, so I appreciated everyone's opinion. My period started on March 25th. I took clomid for five days during my period. My side started hurting on April 7th, so I figured I was ovulating. Sure enough the clearblue stick had two dark matching lines saying I was ovulating. On April 7th the stick had me ovulating, so I begged my DH to have sex. He tried April 7th, April 8th, but on April 9th, he could not stay erected and we did not have sex. On April 10th and April 11th, we had sex. Because he could not stay erected on April 9th, I may have missed my chance. It is becomming a problem for him to stay erected. Have anyone else had this problem. He says it is because he feels like a machine and cannot get into the mood because I am putting too much pressure on him. Last month, the same thing happened. He says it is too much pressure. How can I get pregant if he cannot stay erected? I am so frustrated. Did I miss my chance to get pregant, should I keep trying this month? Thanks


Cloe - April 12

Hey AmAu, sometimes I have the same problem with my husband, and he says the exact same thing as yours! I think it is probably quite normal. Frustrating but normal :) I am not sure how to get my hubby to BD when he should either :)


na25 - April 12

Hello AmAu,
Don't worry hunn, if it's going to happen it is gonna happen:) It is God's will after all...I heard that positive ovulation predictior means you will ovulate in next 12 to 36 there you go...THere is a chance for you!...and one more thing...try not to talk to your hubby about pregnancy and ovulation...just one it's time dress sexy and seduce him :) You can't do it!!!!!!!!All of us can't wait to have our babies and we sure put pressure on our hubbies :) so they must will like we do it only for babies not to satisfy them as well...Lol i hope you know what I mean..So, get in action YOU CAN DO IT!...Good Luck!!!!!!!


julia74 - April 12

we are using viagra in the case. My hubby is 49 year old. did 7 days in a row this time. BABY DUST!!!


Jaqi - April 15

Sperm can live anywhere from 1-5 days in the uterus....the day depends on which doctor you ask. Your gonna be fine!



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