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boo - September 27

My husband seems to be turned off sex when I tell him that I am ovulating, he doesn't want to be told when to do sex as this is not like a buttom that you press to do whenever you want, this makes me soo angry and don't know what to do, I think this is the reason why we cannot conceive as we don't do enough sex, during ovulation, it is impossible for him to do it every day on ovulation time...what do I do????Help!


Mega - September 27

What gets him in the mood? Maybe instead of telling him you're ovulating just act like your in you're "in the mood." That might take some of the "pressure" off of him. I'm guessing you guys are both on the same page when it comes to trying to have a baby? Good luck!


yummy - September 27

Why is he turn off from sex? Does he have a low sex drive? Maybe he can abstain from cum 4-5 days before ovulation time..Then on ovulation period he will want to cum..You can give him a good BJ/straddle him until he pop..Also do it every 2 days to give him rest and replenish sperms..


Leah - September 28

I know with my husband he is quite open to his feelings and has told me he feels it's like a chore. So I stopped telling him when I was ovulating and would put something alittle sexy/ leave notes around the house to get him in the mood. I would do that 1/2 times a week so he would be thrown off and not pick up it's ovulating time. Now he enjoys is and doesn't feel stressed about performing when it's the right time.. if only he knew when :)


Mandy - September 28

I say hold off on sex for around a week b4 you ovulate which increases the potentcy of his sperm, and plan to have sex the day you are ovulating, he will be so happy to be having sex after it's been a week, (or even 2, depends on you!) he won't care if you are ovulating or not. But stop telling him when you are, he might feel too pressured. Yall just have fun, stress dos'nt help either one of you.


... - September 28

I would not hold off for a week before ovulation as sperm is not as potent. It is best to have sex every other day around ovulation. When a male has a SA the dr will ask that he go no longer than 3 days without an orgasm as the sperm dies and what are still there are weak


huh? - September 28

What is SA?


... - September 28

Semen Analysis


To Boo - September 28

Hi Boo, what sometimes works for my dh is watching adult movies aswe have sex. I find when he has a hard time getting into it, we put in a movie .


Believe - September 28

How about having your whole family cheering your DH on?


To believe - September 28

What are you talking about? If you can't answer a ques like a grown up then don't bother with it.


me - September 29

why can't people just let others make their silly comments instead of responding to them? That is what they want you to do, just let them go. It doesn' t help being antagonistic. There is enough of that going on in this site already.


M'Rita - September 29

Hi Girls!
Boo, I agree with Leah, don't tell him you r ovulating, just make it natural and bd every other day, just for the fun of it. Our first month TTC my DH told me that he feels like I don't really want him, but just his sperm, so our second month I haven't said a word about ovulation etc.
I wouldn't hold off sex for 2 weeks as what one of the girls said about sperm getting old is correct.
Good luck to u all!!!


Suzanne - September 29

Boo-I am going through the same thing! It took my husband and i a long time to come to an agreement to start a family. I am 31, so i don't really feel like being spontaneous and just letting it happen. My husband, on the other hand, would like it to be like that. I don't think he understands the frustration of knowing your time has come and having an uncooperative husband who is too tired, or ate 3/4 of a half-gallon of ice cream (My husband's excuse on my O day-he made himself sick). It makes me very angry. I am not taking my temps or anything, i just want to have more sex around fertile times. I finally asked him about what i should do. He said that he didn't want to know when i am ovulating or really, anything about it. So, I will not mention the best times to get pg and just do it every other day around those 6 or so days that i am fertile. Hopefully, this will work. If it doesn't and i'm still waiting to conceive after a year-i will be having another talk with him.


me - September 30

It's weird, men in this situation are kind of like dogs that only go for rides in the car unless it's to the vets. YOu have to take the dog out for rides once a week so he doesn't know what's coming. Same goes for the hubby. Be sexy and enticing a few times a week and he won't know what your motive is :) Hope that made sense! Good luck!



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