My first RE appointment any advice??
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Lisa - July 22

Hi I have my first re appt. on Aug 1 just wondering if anyone has any advice for me like questions I should ask and thing like that??? Thanks


Lisa - July 22

Any one ??


KTL - July 22

Lisa, Its hard to say anything specific without knowing your history (i.e. do you have regular cycles - do you know if you are ovulating), but my recommendation would be to get on some of the fertility websites before you go and learn everything you can about the different types of drugs; tests and procedures; what they are ;and why they are used. Doing that helped me a lot because I almost always knew and understood what the doctor was talking about. It will also help you know what questions to ask. It can be pretty overwhelming and scary when a doctor is spouting things at you and making recommendations and you don't really know what he is talking about or understand enough to ask questions. I would also take a pen and paper with you and write down the things your doctor is suggesting- that way you can look up more information about them on the internet later and make an informed decision. I would also recommend that the first thing you do before agreeing to any kind of testing on yourself or drugs is to have your husband tested. That's what we did and we quickly found out that we had male issues.


Lisa - July 22

Thanks KTL I think I am gonna suggest he is tested first because I heard his test is much cheaper to do and also I have very regular cycles every 28 days like clock work I nvere missed a cycle and I have use ovulation tests and they always say I am o ing also about 2 years ago I starting some testing with my regular doctor and had blood work done and she said that everything was fine with that and my hormone levels show I am ovulating. I also had a internal ultrasound done and they did find 2 fibroids but she said that where they are located she did not think they would cause any problems so I think it may very well be male issues but who knows we have been trying for 5 years now and I am very excited and nervous that we are going to finally going to see a expert about this so hopefully things will work out soon and good luck to you too!!!


KTL - July 22

Good luck Lisa! The fact that you have regular cycles is a really good sign. I did too, so we started IUIs when we found out my husband had a problem without me having to go through a bunch of tests. Ultimately, although it took us 2 years with the specialist, the most I ever had to do was take Clomid and Femara (I'd suggest the Femara- it is SO much better than Clomid) and have an HSG The HSG is a good thing because it increases your chances of getting pregnant for 3 months. I actually had 2 HSGs. The first time I had one I got pregnant the next month but m/c. When I was having trouble getting pregnant again, the doctor suggested another HSG, not for diagnostic but to try to recreate the conditions I got pregnant the first time. It worked! I finally got my luck- I'm now 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and unlike last time, this time everything looks really good. I'm still hanging around the boards because they helped me so much.


Lisa - July 22

I am so happy for you keep me posted on your pregnancy and keep your fingers crossed for me Thanks !!!!



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