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Megan - January 10

Hi, I have a question re: musinex. I wasn't sure if I ovulated on Sunday or not and yesterday I took 4 tablets of Mucinex (2 tablets at 2 different times) because I'm sick. I noticed I got ewcm which I kind of had on Sunday (it was hard to tell this cycle). Now my question is does Mucinex "create" ewcm when they're shouldn't be any or does it just improve the ewcm you would already be having? Does this make sense?


keys2heaven - January 10

Mucinex contains 600mg of guaifenesis, while Robitussin contains anywhere from 100 - 200mg. So you are getting anywhere from 3 to 6 timex the dose from one Mucinex tablet as with Robitussin. Mucinex will certianly thin out your CM and is why many women who take Clomid take Robitussin or Mucinex. It won't CREATE CM however, just thin out what is there. If you've never had a problem with EWCM then I would presume that it was all you. I can't ell when you posted, but Mucinex is taken before O'ing to make sure that the CM is thined out.



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