Mushy tummy a sign of pregnancy?
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B - September 1

Is a mushy tummy necessarily a sign of pregnancy and also shouldnt the cervix feel higher and almost closed?


?? - September 2

in pregnancy your cervix is low and closed. what do u mean by mushy tummy i have never heard of this


Karen - September 2

I don't know about the cervix thing but my friends who are pregnant all hard hard tummies. :)


B - September 2

Thank you to both of you for your help. By mushy tummy I meant when you push on it, it feels mushy. I don't know how else to explain this really ...just cushiony? LOL!!! Sounds silly I know..but I've had a cousin tell me hers was mushy a little and also read others..once again I guess it depends on person. Trying not to get my hopes UP at all..but WEIRD symptoms here and dust to all



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