Mucus during 2 ww???
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DCL - November 8

Hi All,

This may sound like a strange question but has anyone experience some clear mucus during their 2ww. I am expecting my period in about 10-12 days so not sure if this is an indication of a period approaching. I was TTC naturally this month and hoping for a miracle. I have been TTC for over a year since my 1st pg and m/c in June 05. If I do not get pg this month, i will have a lap at the end of the month and really scared of what they may find. Anyone know what this mucus may be - eggs did not implant or possible problem going on in there? Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!


DCL - November 9

I haven't heard anything on this and not finding much on the net so I am assuming that my follicles or cysts are dissolved and my AF is coming next week. This 2WW is probably the worst one yet since we have TTC on our own. Any words on encouragement?? I am on CD 22 and don't feel much of anytning. My temp also dropped .5 this morning. Does anyone know if implantation occurs temps fall? If anyone has any info, I would love to hear it.


Tink - November 9

DCL- haven't had experience with that. i would assume if an egg didn't implant, you would see it come out in your AF and it might look like a small clot or something. but i am guessing here. i wouldn't guess any of that would be clear and appear as mucus, i would assume it would all come out later during AF to clean you out for the next cycle. i say go for the lap if you don't have luck this time! mine was easy and i am glad i did it (3 weeks ago). i am hoping it made the difference for this cycle (now on CD18)- i had an IUI w/ follistim injections.

as for implantation, if i remember right, i read it occur usually 10 days post ovulation or so? can anyone confirm that? don't know if it affects temps, as I gave up on temping a long time ago (now that they are monitoring me through u/s regularly for IUIs). good luck!


DCL - November 10

Thanks Tink! Good luck to you. It looks like you and I are only a few days apart -maybe this will be our month :))



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