Mucus & OPK's
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kukubean - March 15

Hi everyone -

Just like all of you, I'm trying my best to figure out this "getting pregnant" thing. I never thought twice about it until I started trying - only then did I realize how challenging it can be.

I have two questions. Forgive me if they've been answered somewhere else. I tried looking on the board to see if they've been covered but I don't see anything.

Question #1: Whenever you start seeing the clear, egg-white type mucus - does that mean you are ABOUT to ovulate or that you will be ovulating shortly? If you are ABOUT to, any idea when you will start ovulating after the mucus shows up? I've been using the OPK but it hasn't spiked yet and suddenly the mucus shows up so I'm confused.

Question #2: How successful have you found the OPK's to be? Mine is testing negative everyday. The little pink line barely shows up. Should I be seeing the line darken gradually or will it just go from nothing to dark line over night? Also, I've been testing first thing in the morning right after I get up but I just saw that that is not a good time to test. ??? So confusing!!

Any advice/info would be tremendously appreciated!!!



kare21162 - March 16

Alot of people say that testing in the afternoon is better, because I guess that's when most people ovulate. EWCM usually shows up before you ovulate, not during is what I was told. OPK's are supposed to be successful, but usually people are doing BBT's and checking the cervical position as well and if all those things match up then there is almost a positive chance that you are ovulating or going to. Hope that helps.


Maren - March 17

kukubean, I am having similar problems with lining up EWCM with the positive OPK. I have noticed the day I think I ovuate I get a light pink line in the morning and a darker line in the evening. However, this time I had the EWCM in the morning but it started to dry out some by evening. By the next day it was totally dry. I am so frustrated. I was trying everything to keep up the EWCM, including drinking a gallon of water a day and robitussin. Have you been tested to see if your ovulating? My doctor said if I didn't see anything to test on day 22, if I did to test 6-7 days after ovulation to see what the quality was like.Good luck.


pinky - March 17

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Hana - March 17

Hello, kukubean nad ladies. I have been taking OPKs for our IUI procedure, too. The answer to Question #1 is yes. I usually have that type of cervical mucus a couple days before my O-day. The answer to Question #2 is that I really think you need the right OPKs. Some OPKs are useless. I recommend the one from Rite Aide. One step Ovulation Predictor or something like that. Also You need to take it around the right time. I heard that some women get LH-surge and have ovulation within 12 hours. Others have ovulation 24 to 48 hours after LH-surge. So there are some women could miss LH-surge if they take OPKs only once a day. If you are ttc naturally with only OPKs, I recommend you to use OPKs more than once a day. so you will exactly know when you are ovulating. Good luck to y'all.



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