Mucas Changes
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Candygirl - April 18

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We have been trying for about 5 months now. I noticed in things I read that the mucas or discharge changes closer to ovulation. My question is if it doesn't change and stays that same... is that a problem? I know it stays pretty much the same every month. milky white... never clear or looking like egg whites. Can anyone help?


Miulca - April 18

All the information i have read states that u r ovulating when ur mucas is clear like egg whites. But if u say it stays the same try taking ur temp. or ovulation test. it took my hubby and i a year to get pregnant. my son is six months today and i am trying to get pregnant again but have not gotton my period. Talk to ur obgyn about fertilty heplers i call them like clomid. Best of luck to you and ur hubby.


newmommy - April 18

Hi, Candygirl. I would try temping (read Taking Charge of Your Fertility----SO helpful!), and using opk's to pinpoint ovulation. But if your cm doesn't thin out, try taking regular Robitussin with only guifennesin as the active ingredient (so initials like DM after it). I'm not positive of the dosage. Someone here should know. It helps thin out mucus so the swimmers can make it through!!! Good luck!



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