most affective way to get pregnant (so i read)
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addisons mommy - April 27

when u have sex prop a pillow under ur butt or lower back to help sperm make its way down. Its soooo much cheaper than going somewhere and having it implanted, unless u have the money to do that. Good luck


slowpoke01 - April 27

addisons mommy- most of us on here have tried that and other numerous old wives tales and have not gotten pregnant, that is why we have to go somewhere and have it implanted, or do iuis where the sperm is injected into the uterus. but thanks for the advice anyway.


Tink - April 27

slowpoke is right- thanks, but most of us are way past the simple stuff. best of luck to you! i am 12 weeks now after doing in vitro....and yes, i tried pillows, herbs, teas all the old wives tales, some of us just have medical issues that prevent or cause problems a pillow can't fix. but it is a good recommendation. unfortuantely some of us don't have a choice about being 'implanted', i assume you mean IUI. believe me, if it was as easy as using a pillow, i would have done that a long time ago! lol good luck


NicoleM - April 27

If only it were that easy! LOL! I've been doing that for 3 years to no avail. Doing my first round of clomid now. Addi's mom, I know you mean well, but most of us have been going through this a LONG time and are way past the simple fixes. ;)


Tracy88 - April 28

I can't tell you how long I spent with my legs in the air or a pillow under my butt. It took injectables with IUI's to get me PG.


slowpoke01 - April 28

you know people without infertility issues are usually the ones who come on here and post things like this. at least that is how it usually is. there have been 3 or 4 posts that i know of where people are suggesting the pillows and i always think are they for real. this will work for someone who doesnt have issues but for some of us we have no choice but to go to other alternatives. if only it were that easy for all of us then we wouldnt be on a problems getting pregnant board. i hate to be this way but it just irritates me when people get on here and act like it is so easy to get pregnant. addisons mom i am using a sperm donor because the doc said there was no way that my husband would get me pregnant so a pillow is not the answer in my case. it wouldnt matter how long i could keep my butt up in the air if there isnt but 5 living sperm that are swimming. that was what my doc said that my husband had 5 living sperm not 5 million not 5000 5 and what are the chances of one of them making it to where they are supposed to be. slim to none are better odds than what i have. i am not trying to be rude but like i said we have all been there with our butts in the air standing on our heads or whatever else herbs, teas, you name it and we are going to docs because we have no other options. sorry if i come off as rude but these posts get me a little irritated like it is that easy for all when it isnt. take care. ~Jamie~


marymo - April 28

Thanks slowpoke. I think ALOT of us agree with you!!!!


Jennacat - April 28

Addisons mom...My husband had leukemia and does not produce sperm. We are having to use donor sperm. Pregnancy doesn't come easy to everyone. Please remember that!!!


Apalonia - April 28

Hi Slowpoke,
Obviously Addison's mommy has crap for brains to post something like this so any chance you can email me personally for some info I would like to have. [email protected] If you could I would be forever in your debt.


lovemy3 - April 28

I have been standing on my head practically for 1 yr now and nothing. So.."how's that workin' for ya?" as Dr. Phil asks...Its not.


slowpoke01 - April 28

well i mean how cruel can someone be. this is a "PROBLEMS GETTING PREGNANT" board and if it were that easy we wouldnt be here. some people think that because it comes easy for them that it is easy for everyone and it isnt. some of us cant get pregnant without the help of a specialist. we dont go and get poked and proded for the fun of it, we go because it is necessary and it is sad that some think that everyone shold just get pregnant the first or 2nd month of trying, but when you have been trying naturally for 9 or 10 years and it isnt working then it is time to move on to a specialist. i know that you all understand where i am coming from since i know that you all are going through your own issues. well take care all.~Jamie~


Tink - April 28

i don't think this person had cruel intentions, sometimes people just don't think beyond their own little world. and those of us that have faced infertility problems (and using a pillow doesn't count!!) operate in our own little world too, so while this person might be a little ignorant, we also have to keep in mind that people that don't go through infertility just have NO CLUE. i don't think it is something you can even have an inkling about how hard it is until you have personally gone through it. i am sure we have all heard the 'just take a break', 'or my friend adopted and got pregnant right after' gets old. and it is frustrating. but just keep in mind, these people have no clue. our world of infertility is a special club, only for the strong, courageous and ambitious, all with the end same end goal in mind. while some uneducated folks might frustrate us......just let it slide. she can keep jacking that pillow under her for five years and maybe later find out her husband has a zero sperm count, or that she has two blocked tubes then she will come to her senses. meanwhile, we have all got 'implanted' and will be enjoying our children while she is sitting on a pillow still. ;) no one gets poked, prodded and injects a 2 inch long needle of progesterone for 10 weeks into their butt for fun. lol


Tink - April 28

oh and it is the most "Effective", sorry that misspelling drives me nuts! slowpoke, I have seen you on other threads, are you still doing IUIs? I wish you the best of luck, just wanted to check up on your progress.


slowpoke01 - April 29

Tink-we did 3 and took a break we havent done any since dec didnt work, so we are going to start again in may when my may cycle starts. how are you doing? i have seen you and you always give good advice to others. i enjoy reading your posts because you are always so down to earth and you put your responses into words so much better than i can. lol. you tell it like it is without hurting feelings and i think that is something that i should learn to do. i think sometimes things come off as being rude when ever i type and i dont mean it that how are things going with you?


LIN - April 29

Wow, that is a ridiculous thing for someone to post on a "problems getting pregnant" board. If you can just prop a pillow under your butt and get pregnant, then you obviously have no problem getting pregnant! Seriously man, have a little forethought before you post here. I mean, it's appreciated that your intentions in your post were good, but just a little bit of thought will tell you that anyone with real problems getting pregnant need a hell of a lot more than the most basic wives tales to do the job!



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