More than 20 follicles......
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KristRye - April 27

I am heading for an IUI and I have been taking Repronex.....CD 2-3 (3) vials each and then on CD 4-6 I did (2) vials. I just went for my first US and they said that I had more than 20 follices w/ a measurement of 5mm more more. I knew something was up because my ovaries feel very heavy and I can feel them move w/ every step that I take. My questions is....has anyone ever had this many follices which were this big on CD 6 or 7?? My RE said that she never see this before and that she has to talk to the clinic director and so that I can meet w/ him tomorrow. I pray that they don't force me to cancel my cycle. If you had this many did all of them keep growing? I guess that they are suppose to go up to 2mm a day and I have 6-7 more days prior to IUI so if they keep at this rate then I could have 20 follices at 18-20mm each. Anyway, they made me stop my injections as of today. I go to the doctor today but I just wanted to find out if anyone has ever had this many that are said to have potential to keep growing? (Please advise) BABY DUST TO EACH OF YOU!!! :)


Galina - April 27

Hi KrisRye, I never had 20 fillicles but on my first IUI, I did have 10 and the dr almost cancelled the IUI. I also stopped taking the meds and he did not end up doing a trigger shot. They are afraid of ovarian hypestimulation, which could end up being a very dangerous condition. Also, you are at a very great chance of multiples. Last cycle I had 8 follicles, the IUI still did not work and I ended up with 3/4 follicular cysts. They are not dangerous but kept me from going forward with another IUI this month. Please listen to whatever your drs say b/c they are only looking out for your best interest. Good luck to you.


KristRye - April 27

Thanks for the insight. The doctor did mention that hyperstimulation and asked me to do a urine sample. She said that if my urine continues to be clear that I shouldn't be concerned but if it changes or darkens that I need to call the clinic immediately. Thanks for the insight. It's nice to hear about what might happen in advance so that I don't feel so disappointed. Take care.


isa - April 27

Hi, I too have been doing iui's and 3 cycles ago I ended up with 15-18 follies by the time I triggered and ended up hyperstimulating. We kept holding off on the trigger because my estrogen level was so high they knew I would hyperstim but often times you get pg when you hyperstim. (I did not unfortunately) but I think part of the problem was we had to wait so long to trigger me (had to wait for estrogen to come down a fair bit because the trigger would send it right back up). Doc said I ended up with ovaries the size of oversized grapefruits and they were pushing up my bladder etc and I had excess fluid under my breasts and in my abdomin and it was painful. I triggered on the Saturday and it was the following Thurs I went in due to the pain and he put me on an 81g asprin/day and had to drink 2-3 litres of gatorade a day, measure my weight and my waist each morning and if I gained I think it was 2lbs or an inch in waist I had to start measuring my urine levels etc but it didnt get that bad. I did gain the 2lbs but just from the gatorade. I was so bloated I had to wear trackpants for 2 weeks and pants were so uncomfortable and painful to wear. I didnt get pg as I said and next month I was very lucky and had one mini cyst. The doctor couldnt believe it. He expected tons of cysts. I went on for a normal iui next cycle. doc thought I might get multiples but I knew from dh's numbers and motility it was highly unlikely and also my age (40+) as he says only 1 out of every 4 or 5 of my eggs at my age are any good anyways.2 cyles and iui's later I am still not pg. I do know they wanted to convert me to ivf but then again I'm not sure what cd that was on but we didnt have our blood screening done and they wouldnt due it without that. I just checked my notes and I had on cd6 6 follies on left and 6 on right. Top 2 sizes on left were 9mm each and the top one on the right was 3mm. By cd8 I was measuring on left the top sizes 15mm, 15, 13, 13, 12, 11 and 12mm, 12mm on right. I was also no injections (HMG) and I started 300mg (4 viles) /night starting cd 3-cd9, on cd10 he dropped it to 1 vile (75mg), no meds on cd11,12,13,14 and did hcg trigger cd15 (had to wait for estrogen to drop a bit but we probably ended up compromising some of the egg quality as I had sizes on trigger day of 30mm, 27,27,27,25,19,16 + 6 smaller and on the right 27mm,26,24,18,16,14 +4 smaller. I hope this is of some use to you. Good luck.


Galina - April 27

Isa, I was a bit confused by your post. Are you on another cycle now or are you waiting?


isa - April 27

I'm doing a natural bd cycle this month (I'm only cd 5)as we are going out of town. Sorry to confuse you. Do you have a question on something I said?


Galina - April 27

It's ok, I am also on a naturaly cycle after 2 failed IU's w/injectibles (Follistim). After the 2nd one I had follicular cysts and had to sit out this cycle. I am currently on cd29 and have 36-38 day cycles. Do youuse OPK's or fert. monitors? Are you going to try for another IUI or are you going for IVF? I wish you the best.


isa - April 27

Hi Galina, I used to use opks but now my clinic does the monitoring for me with u/s and b/w. I have done 6 iui's, 1 natural, 2 with clomid & injections and 3 with just injections (hmg). We are now looking into ivf. We have a meeting with the ivf nurse on friday to hear all about it. My program if I do it would be cd 21 luperon and then Puregon (I think its the same as Follistim) starting cd3. We have male factor issues and age issues, I'm 40 1/2, dh is almost 42. Neither of us have had children before. (met late in life, fell in love tried to conceive and havent been able to). We are going away so we will have time to decide if we want to try one more iui or go right to ivf. It's just soo expensive.


isa - April 27

Oh I guess I should say next month when I am away I will have to usee opks, I might try and temp again which I used to do last year before I got into fertility treatments. I decided not to do meds before our holiday due to bloating, cramping etc. I just want to forget about it while we are away.


Galina - April 27

I don't blame you for taking time off. I think the vacation will be good for you also, to clear your mind and "clean" up the body after all those drugs. I have had 2 unsuccesful IUI's and will try 1 more time. If it doesn't work, I too will try ivf. I am 35 and dh is 44 and we have 1 daughter who is 10. She was conceived on the 1st time we tried. Now, we have been ttc for almost 2 years and nothing! The dr says we have unexplained infertility. Oh well, I wish you so much luck and I know that the sauccess rates are supposed to be much higher with ivf than iui. Where are you going on vacation?


isa - April 28

hi Galina, I wonder what happened to KristRye with her appt and her follies? We are heading to Italy (going all over the place). I am very excited but rather than a resing vacation it will be a lot to see and go go go type vacation so I hope I"m not too exhausted when we return so that if we decide to go ahead with the ivf all will be ok. You are very lucky to have conceived so easily the first time but I can see how frustrating it must be not to have at least some answers as to whats going on. At least we know its part dh and probably part my egg's age. Good luck to you too. Oh by the way I think your name is beautiful.


Galina - April 28

Thanks, Isa. I absolutely loved Italy. We were there 2 years ago and started in Milan, then drove to Venice, then to Florence, then to Tuscany and finally Rome. The food is to DIE for!! When we were there the shopping was great too, but now with the euro, it is really expensive. Where are you from? My name is russian and actually, if your real name is Isa, that is a russian name as well. Do you have any health ins that may cover ivf?


KristRye - April 28

Hi ladies. Thanks so much for the input. I had to cancel my appt. but the good thing is that my E2 level was still low and so hyperstim isn't an issue. The doctor made me stop all my meds and I guess maybe I will try and just BD. Next time the doctor said that I will take less meds and hopefully will have a more successful cycle. :)


EDY - April 28

Kristrye- I had 20+ follicles on my right and 18 or so on my left when my RE started stimulating me. It was due to PCOS. I took Follistim and Lupron and stimmed for 3 1/2 weeks. The day of HCG trigger I had 1 at 17mm, 1 at 14 and 2 at 12. At IUI RE said 1 maybe 2 dropped. My E2 was fairly low also, I can't remember what it was. I got pregnant with Triplets. I did have a vanishing triplet but I am 26 wks with Twin girls and doing good. Hope this helps. You probably just need to be stimulated slowly.


isa - April 29

KristRye sorry they had to cancel but seriously you dont want to hyperstim. I have a bit of a problem with estrogen I think. I am only going natural cycle this month but on cd3 it was already 209 (it should be under 80). I asked the ivf nurse today what RE would do if this had been an ivf cycle and she said he could cancel it or he could continue it, it would depend on all my results from b/w and my past months of stims from my iui's and he would make a decision. Galina your trip sounds very much like ours only we arent going to Milan but we are doing the rest and a bit more. I'm excited. My name "Isa" is short for Isabella (what I wish to call my little bean if I ever get one ). I'm Canadian. Had the ivf meeting today, got all the paperwork to read, costs etc. We only have insurance that will cover 80% of the drugs (but none of the rest of the procedures, no monitoring,u/s,b/w or any of that is covered) so it is very costly. I actually havent looked at it yet. I figure I'll get a good night sleep then look at it in the morning. I also go next week to the ivf orientation and they answer all our questions (after reading all the junk they give us) and take a tour of the room etc that we'd be in etc etc. It's about an hour. Dh is all for ivf I still have not decided fully yet and probably won't until after the orientation next week. OH well eh. I'll figure it out soon enough. My guess is I will do it and hope beyond hope it works the 1st time because if it doesnt its all over.


Galina - April 29

KrisRye, I agree with isa and that it isa good idea that the dr stopped this cycle. Just keep bd'ing and maybe you will have more than 1 egg on this natural cycle on your own. I wish you much luck. Isa, where in Canada? I've been to Toronto twice and Vancouver. Toronto is very similar to L.A., except the weather, of course! I just started getting AF this morning and think that full-flow will probably come tomorrow or Sunday. I will call the dr on Monday and make a cd3 appt. for IUI #3. If it doesn't work, my OBGYN suggested that I get a laparoscopy done before I go for IVF. She said it's good to just look inside and see if there are any probs to fix before doing the ivf. My ins. covers it, and it is supposed to be a minimally invasive procedure, so I agreed. You are lucky that your ins. at least covers 80% of the drugs. Mine only covers 50%, but it also covers 50% of the dr and u/s, etc. The RE who will do my ivf, if necessary, does not take my ins., so that will have to be ALL out of pocket. I know that this whole ivf thing is a nightmare and scary, emotioanlly draining and difficult, but I think that if you want a baby so much, you need to try and just get yourself emotionally strong and believe that you will get pg. I KNOW that what I just wrote is much easier to say than do and that I, too, will most likely be in that boat soon and be very worried, but we must do all that we can to achieve our wish. At least now, you should ENJOY your holiday, rest and have a great time in a beautiful country!


isa - April 29

Hey Galina, so sorry af showed up. I allow myself a 24 hour pity party where I can eat/drink and cry as much as I want and then I clean myself up and try and get on with my next cycle. It actually seems to be very beneficial to me and dh has no probs with me doing it. He usually holds my head on his lap or shoulder when I find out again I'm not pg and it lasts about 1/2 hour then I just cry off and on during the day as need be. I am living in the burbs about 1/2 hour from Toronto. I've never been to LA but would much prefer it's weather to ours. I have some health issues that don't jive well with our weather here (humidity, rainy and cold) so I would like something warm all year round and that is why I love the Carribean & places south so much. Will you switch to an RE that takes your insurance? Here in Ontario if you have double blocked tubes the gov't will pay for your ivf for 3 tries but not for anyone else. Nice eh?The fertility association of Canada is trying to fight the gov't and get them to cover it for everyone saying it is not fair to only cover people with double blocked tubes so it would be really nice if it went through but it wont be fast enough for me to get it paid for. Unfortunately I'm fighting the age factor and every month counts. I go for my u/s, b/w on monday for cd10 and see if how my egg is doing (assuming I only have one b/c I chose not to do meds this cycle) and they will monitor me until my lh surges and tell us when to bd. It's a long shot but we will try this month and when we are in Tuscany and hope for the best. If maybe I could relax a bit while I am away it would do my body a world of good. I have gained so much weight from the meds and a bloated belly which makes me look 3 -4 months pregnant -but well worth it if in the long run I get a healthy bundle of joy to swaddle :)



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