month 10 and BFN so far
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Maren - December 27

This is month 10 of ttc. And, I have been so optomistic about this month. I have been getting headaches off and on all month. CM has varied but stayed wet or white snotty. My temps have stayed up the last 4-5 days, either high 97.8 - 98.3. (I haven't been very good about temping recently but usually 97.5 was as high as I got. I'm 28, normal weight (not really thin, but not overweight)...I tested with the dollar store tests, all 3 BFN. I thought AF was comming this morning but just clear fluid. Do you think there is hope this month. If not, I don't want to keep waiting, my doctor told me to wait a year....but every month nothing. Thanks for your advice.


Ann - December 28

Hi Maren. It sounds like you still have hope for this month. When is your af due? Maybe you are just testing early.?.? I know the waiting gets tough. My dh and I have been trying for a year and 9 months now (just found out I got another BFN on Sunday when af arrived 2 days early). Good luck to you!



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