monitoring cm; am I ovulating today or tomorrow? help
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Can - January 25

I am trying to monitor my cm. I am also using the clear blue easy fertility monitor. I hope this isn't to much info but... today I noticed that my cm is clear with whiteish areas in it. I was thinking that egg white/ clear mucus means you are ovulating. But my fertility monitor is only showing 'high' not peak. So my question is; does anyone know if you see egg white mucus on the day you ovulate or the day before (or for a couple of days?). I'm really hoping we haven't missed our chance to 'try' because I was waiting for the 'peak' on the monitor and it has been three days since we bd'ed. We tried for nearly a year to conceive and then we had a miscarriage and now we have been trying again for three months. I hate how hard this is! It would be wonderful if someone could offer advice! Thanks (extra info... dh has low sperm count and we like to wait a few days and then hit the peak)


Dee - January 25

i would say your best bet would be to bed bed bed for the next couple of days. it kind of sounds like you are about to ovulate soon, so like i said it would probably be better to bed tonight, tomorrow night and the night after that. keep checking your fertility monitor to see when you peak. i usually get the ewcm with some whitish areas the day before i ovulate, but everyone is different. well good luck and i hope that helps a little.


Dee - January 25

...i meant to ask you in my last post, how long have you been using your clear blue easy fertility monitor? and also do you think it works well and has helped you? i used a cheap wal greens one last time and couldn't really tell if it was telling me i was Oing or not. i want to get a good one (a digital one), but dont really want to spend tons of money on it. i was thinking about getting one of the microscope ones because you can reuse them for up to a year, but i keep getting mixed messages about them so i figured i would buy a microscope and a reliable fertility monitor and hopefully they'll both work. i know i'm getting a little obsesive with this ttc stuff, but my dh and i have been trying for 2 yrs and 3 months and i would like to get pg soon.


TC - January 26

Once you see that type of cm, you will ovulate within the next 48 hours. I say have sex now, while you have that type of cm and again the day after tomorrow (since DH has a low sperm count). My DH and I did it every day this time and my doctor wanted to freak on me, so every other day is best. Good luck to you!


babygirl1967 - January 26

i just wanted to say that i have been using the opk also and i didnt purchase them in a store i ordered them on ebay and paid like $9 for 25 strips and they have been working great as iam also obsessed with this ttc i used the one in the store and its exactly the same thing.


Can - January 26

I bought my fertility monitor at CVS and it was expensive (i thought so anyway) It cost almost $200. I think I could've gotten it for less on ebay. But we bought it a year and a half ago... we used it for 7 months and got pregnant and then I lost the baby in my forth month. So I am really trying to figure out my cycle because I just don't want it to have to take 7 months again!! Thanks everyone for your imput! I think we will being very busy the next couple of days!



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