Monitoring by Doc while on Clomid? TTC #1
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snowwhite321 - July 17

Hi, I am new to this, so forgive me if I do not know al lthe terms :) We have been TTC for 1 year I am 30 and my husband 34. I am on cycle #2 of clomid.. The hotflashes were out of control this month, but I also live in south florida. My docotr does not send fme for any tests during the month, does anyone have ultrsounds or other exams done during the time on clomid. My doc said "I'll see you in 3 months." So, I am a bit frustrtaed that I am not sure what is going on. I am praying that the 100mg this month worked and that will be it for certain questions, but its so trying on my mental health. Well, I hope to support iany one the best way I can. BABYDUST to ALL!!!


whynotme - July 17

Hmm...I know that every Dr. is different, but I also think that he/she should be monitoring you at the same time. I usually have 3 u/s while on Clomid. My Dr. likes to monitor follicle stimulation and size of it/them. Are you just seeing a regular ob/gyn or a RE?


thayward7 - July 17

I find that interesting as well... I see an RE, but I have daily ultrasound and bloodwork from day 11 until my HCG shot. They look for number and size of follicles. Could you ask for ultrasounds?


thayward7 - July 17

Oh, I am also doing IUI, so I guess the timing has to be more specific, but I know there is some concerns with clomid and overstimulating the ovary?


snowwhite321 - July 19

Thanks i am waiting for the docs office to call me back. I use I need to be more proactive.



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