Monitor now or What?
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jal239 - August 24

A couple of days ago I started spotting w/ a brownish discharge. Today was the first day I wiped and got any type of red blood, but was mainly brownish after 3 wipes (sorry, tmi). Since I have started spotting I have not needed to wear a pad, tampon, liner, etc. but none the less it is still there. I am planning on using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor and I was thinking of making my first day today since ift was when I first saw blood, but i am not sur if this is correct. Could someone help to vreify this? Thanks


Mega - August 24

A new cycle begins the first day of full flow. You're right in that spotting doesn't count. Good luck. HTH!


linds99 - August 24

They say to count your period with the first day of real blood flow as day one. I would go ahead and start the monitor tomorrow morning and it should start asking for the pee stick in 5-10 days from even if your period lasts a few extra days after you start the monitor, you can still test if it asks you to.



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