momen and males
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bp - September 26

can a woman not get pregnant if the male wacks off alot.


sophie - September 26

sorry but i don't get your question...what do ya mean by wacks off?


m - September 26

grow up before you try to get pregnant!


jennie - September 26

are you serious! what are you 12 or so, go to the teen forum get out of here! looser!


!!!! - September 27

lots of angry women on here aren't there?? Grrrrrrrr


KK - September 27

Does anyone know how to spell anymore?


R - September 28

What's a momen?


jennie - September 28

women this rude person obviously meant! but cant spell, and needs a life, probably some 12 year old boy nothing to do but sit in a womens forum and play games


me - September 28

If the male has a normal sperm analysis, then "masterbating" should not decrease the probabiliy of pregnancy. However, unless he knows this for a fact, there is a possibility. Please be more medical when you write posts. You get taken more seriously and get better advice. Good luck.



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