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Sheree - August 30

I am 22 and ttc baby #1.I have a cycle around 24 days. I had my periods on the 11/08. I ovulated around the 20th and had sex from the 18 till the 23. (Possible days of ovulation)According to my cycle, i should have my period on the 4/09.Thats five days away. Usually I have pms symptoms, usual sore breasts,spots running around on my face, etc. But that usually happens 10 days before my period.I still haven't had any of those symptoms.And I usually get them becoz i always confuse them with possible pregnancy symptoms.But nothing so far to indicate if i'm pregnant or having my periods.Could it be that some woman go for a while before noticing they're pregnant?


r - August 30

dnt worry hunny my cycle has messed up these past 2 months.i have had no af since july 1st. then i spotted brown on 15th aug then again after sex and eggwhite cm on the 28th i spotted pinky for 2 days, its stopped now but im getting mild cramping,headaches have been going on for 3 weeks,tightening tummy.pms symptoms but no period,sore boobs, all neg hpts so im not pg.


kc - August 30

It is possible you are pg. Some women do not experience any early pg signs. The only one I had was being tired. The sore chest and nausea didn't start for me until I was 6 weeks along. Hang in there for another few days and test when you think your late. Lots of luck and baby dust to you.


Sheree - August 31

Hiya. Nothing much yet today. Very Very slight sore boobs. Not like usually. Still feeling lifeless, and tested my temp. and was higher than usual. Have no idea what that means. Thanx for listening.



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