Missing periods often
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BabyBrown - December 18

Since I started having periods, I could skip 6 months and it be normal. Now I'm 23, married and wanting to have kids but my periods are the same way. My gyno-dr gave me Provera to use. I was wondering if anyone has used it before and did it help? I did take it and it did make me have a period.....Just wondering if it's safe?


Mega - December 18

Has your gyno done any kind of testing on you? Taken any blood work? I'd definitely push for testing, esp. of your thyroid, lh/fsh, check for IR (insulin) & glucose levels, prolactin, etc. All the biggies. The 2 main things that come to mind are either thyroid issues or possibly PCOS. Either condition is treatable, but you really do need to be tested. I've used Provera quite a bit. I have PCOS. Yes, it's safe but it's a short term fix. It just brings on AF that 1 time. To continuly ovulate you'll probably need to try something like Clomid or an injectible. But I think the first step is to find out what's causing your irreg. AF schedule. Has your DH been tested yet? Has he had a Semen Analysis (SA)? That's another important first pass test. Good luck to you! I hope you get your baby wish soon. Keep me posted on how the testing goes.


BabyBrown - December 18

My husband hasn't been tested as of yet. I have just taken Provera 1 time this past week. My Dr did mention getting him tested as well. So could I get pregnant using Provera?


Mega - December 18

I'd highly recommend scheduling your DH for a SA ASAP. All provera does in induce AF (your period) so you can start your next cycle. If you're Oing naturally, then yes you can get pg. But Provera in & of itself isn't used to as a fertility drug. It's just a form of progesterone (synthetic prog) to help you get your AF. What did your dr say when he handed you the Provera script?



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