Missing AF,symptoms ,afraid to do pregnancy test
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Cutie - December 19

Hello All !
I haven't been here for a long time, missed you all!
TTC for 1 year and 4 months.
Last month I was trying to relax....Baby Dance prior to ovulation and during ovulation days, and I kind of forgot about TTC until day 23 when my period was supposed to come and it wasnt there. My cycle is 23-25 days....NO period as of now :) Today is day 27. Right after ovulation had creamy discharge the whole time... now its almost gone, have back pain, little nauseated, bloated, breast tender and bigger, had period like pain, which is almost gone, my face is so clear (always get acne before period). I am afraid to do a pregnancy test in case its too early and I will get BFN.......My period has been like clock work and I havent missed my period in 7 month (prior I had miscariage) Do you ladies think I am preggo? And when would you check?
I have scheduled laparoscopy for Jan 19th to see why not getting pregnant, so hopefully I will cancel it as soon as I find out I am pregnant....It will be the best Christmas gift ever.

:) Good Luck to all.....Lots of baby dust and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Mega - December 19

Hi Cutie! Sounds promising. I hope you get to cancel your laparoscopy. Maybe wait til Wed & if it's still not there I'd definitely think it would be okay to test. Good luck. Keep us posted on what the HPT shows.


joannie - December 20

Hi my cycle is always 20-24 days yet I have alot of the same symptoms as you do AF was scheduled for 12/12-15 still no sign of it.


Cutie - December 20

Joannie, have you tested yet?
I am bloating so bad and no more period like pains, but really bad lower back pain and weird feeling in my stomach/lower abdomen.
Talk to you later,


Cutie - December 20

Felling okay, I was little nauseated in the morning, but now just fine. No pains, but funny feeling in lower abdomen. Still haven't tested yet. Just dont want to hurry. This time is so different, because before I couldnt do anything else but think about testing and test before my period was even supposed to come.
How are you joannie?


ashlee - December 21

hi cutie. i wish you all the best. hope you get that bfp. just thought id let you know that my af was always on time EVERY time no exceptions. every 28 days almost to the hour. af before last i was 5 DAYS LATE. i was almost positive i was pregnant. anyhow af ended up showing her ugly face. it was the wildest af ever. maybe i could have had a chemical pregnancy.... but then last month on teh day my af was due, i started a brown discharge, that went on for about 4 days then i got my period for 2-3 days then i had a brown discharge after that for the next 4 days again. so i have no idea what all this means. like i said i was on time every time almost to the hour and now this!?!!? very confusing. just dont want you to get your hopes up too high (like i always do) just incase it is something like this. but cutie im really hoping that you will have a little belly bump soon!!!! GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST!!! ~*~*~*~*~ P.S im hoping for the same surprise for christmas too!!! merry christmas!!!!


ashlee - December 21

oh! i forgot to mention that i have been ttc for 10 months now with a m/c in june!!!


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Cutie - December 31

Thanks Ashlee...NOPE, I am not pregnant...NOT THIS TIME....Good luck to you sweety


ashlee - December 31

cutie, thankyou 4 the gtood luck wishes, they must have worked! im 5w3d. best of luck 4 u!!!



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