Missed Period/Negative HPT
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Karla - September 30

I took a 5 day cycle of Clomid, followed by a hormone shot and IUI proceedure in June. Much to my dismay it did not work. I decided to not go through the process again. My periods were right on time in July & August. Now this month I am over 10 days late now. I did a HPT last night and it came back negative. I do not feel any PMS symptoms at all but am exhausted! The week before my period I ALWAYS get tender breasts..didn't happen this month. Do you think the fertility drugs have thrown my system off? Any advice or similar experience woould be great


been there - October 1

Karla, Why were you taking the fertility drugs? PCOD, cysts, endometriosis, etc....?


lone_dove - October 4

hello Karla, i have been taking clomid (i have PCOS) and i dont think it would have anything to do with your periods being late have u been stressed? becuase anything can delay them. If the HPT come back neg well just sit back and what for them to come becuase dare say that they are on the way.


SMJ - November 16



Denise - November 20

Me also, this was my 1st month for clomid, trying to aid fertility. I got preg last year with 1 good tube after a tubal reversal and had a miscarriage. No luck in preg since, so we decided to try clomid. In the research I've done, clomid IS suposto bring on your period more and heavier. But I wonder with the HCG injection, if that didn't screw things up? Me too, 6 days late, negative preg test. I feel like I have preg symptoms, but no hcgs after blood test today.. VERY frustrating!! Hang in there girls!!At least we're not alone :)


Babs - December 13

I too have been on Clomid for two months - everything had been fine in regards to getting my period. Then, this month, nothing. Took two tests and both came out negative - only has been a week since I missed it but this is really frustrating. Have tender breasts and abdominal area has some pain from time to time (not extreme by any means - almost feel like gas). Have call in to doc to see if he knows anything but very frustrating!


licious - December 30

hi, jus finished my first cycle of clomid in november... expected my period on dec 18th... which marks my 28 day cycle etc. it's the 30th and my "red stanta clause" refuse to come down the chimney! :) I have been trying for so long it almost feels silly to even hope. I'm wondering if it's the clomid that's throwing my cycle off?!?!?! actually i did feel premenstrual cramps around the 16th even up till now i feel the twinges of pain in my lower abdomen.... any ideas/answers? cuz i'm all out....


maria - January 12

Dear Karla,
I didn't get my period for 3 months and every month i took a HPT but it came negative and after the 3 months my period came.


io[op-p - January 12



sahmeen - January 21

I also took clomids this month and i am 6 weeks late. My periods did not come. I have no symptoms of pregnancy and hpt negative


Ashley Hall - February 4

what happens when your period has not come in over a month


laila - February 9

I feel like I'm crazy - I'm 4 days late, and have some preg signs, but I've taken over 7 hpt. Has anyone else done this, or am I truly loopy?


Gemma - February 9

I took my last dose of Clomid on January 1st for 5 days, I have still not had a period this month and have done at least 5 tests. I seem to have every pregnancy symtom including nausea and tender breasts, I am so frustrated and I get up every morning to check for spotting, I must got to the bathroom 20 times a day to check. (I have PCOS)


missy - February 14

HELP! 2 years ago I had a period of 4 months of extreme heavy bleeding and had to under go a blood transfusion
(6 units) my hemo was at a 0.2 when i was admitted! but now, ever since i had the transfusion iv'e had maybe 4 periods that were watery and pink color, rather than a thick red blood (like normal) and they would only last for 1-3 days sometimes not even the whole day! now we want to conceive and i havent had a period in 5 months!? i'm thinking it could be premature ovarion failure (POF) but i dont know! this will be our first child, if only i could get pregnant! if anyone knows anything or any suggestions please e-mail me [email protected] Thanks!


kim - February 18

Missy, read my post titled herbal supplements!!


Vicki - February 22

Has anyone here who missed their period and had negative pregnancy tests turned out pregnant??


Kayla - February 25

could i still be pregnant if i didn't missed my period?



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