Miscarried again!
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Shiner081 - February 14

Well girls thought I would not have been back here once again I am.I prev. miscarried on Oct 6/06 with our 4th and now again Feb.13/07.I had a 6week 5 day ultra sound last month and everything was good,even saw a heart beat.We do have 3 healthy kids already and never had a problem with them what so ever.Why this is happening now I can not figure out.It is the thing that we want a 4th so bad and I am determined to get it.The doctor says try again when we feel up to it,so we will try in a couple months again.It only took 2 months before ,after my 2nd period after the last D&C.Anyway good luck to u all!


pmblake - February 14

I'm so sorry Shiner! Hang in there. I've had 4 m/c's and I know how upsetting it can be. I'm so sorry for your loss.


mother2Bsoon - February 14

I am so sorry for your lost. Will pray for you and your family.


lovemy3 - February 14

I am so sorry for your loss. I also have 3 kids and haven't had a problem having them, now with this ttcing for 4th...nothing. I can't understand why either. Once again, sorry about your mc.



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